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Tips on How to Write a Compelling Book Review

While in high school and college, students have to do various writing assignments, and book reviews are not an exception. So what is a book review, and what should you know about it? The first thing to remember is that to write a book review doesn’t mean to summarize its content. You need to provide a description of its key points, as well as evaluate its weaknesses and strengths. Moreover, it’s your opportunity to present the critical discussion of the language/linguistic features used by the author, as well as analyze the book, express your reaction from your particular perspective, and provide a personal response.

It is worth noting that to write a review is not only a college assignment. You may be required to do it in the professional world, especially when it comes to jobs related to academic journals, newspapers, and magazines. This is where the task becomes more complicated. The fact is that as a student, you can always ask for help or even order professional writing services like those offered at However, if you want to devote your professional life to literature or publishing, you should learn how to write reviews yourself. Start with the following tips:


  1. Read the book and describe what it is about in several sentences

First of all, you need to read the entire book. After that, you should make its short description. Try not to reveal all its secrets and never give any spoilers. Your aim is to whet readers’ appetite for the book’s subject.

  1. Discuss what you like and dislike about this book

What do you think about this book, its theme, and the way it is written? Do you like the characters? What feelings do they cause? What is your favorite scene or part? Do you like the ending? Is the plot too scaring for you? Is it interesting? Just focus on the feelings and thoughts about what you have just read and try to bring them to your readers.

  1. Explain yourself

To tell what you like or dislike is not enough. You need to analyze your thoughts and explain your point of view. Be creative and constructive at the same time. Please note that you are not required to be very serious. You can always add some humor to your review in order to make it more interesting and appealing.

  1. Draw a conclusion

Once you discuss all pros and cons of the book, you can recommend or, on the contrary, not recommend it to a particular type of reader. Will this book appeal to teenagers? Do you suggest reading it? Can you compare it to any other book you have read before? Draw a conclusion on whether this book is good or bad and tell why you think so.

In general, to write a book review means to give a reasoned opinion of what this book did well and not so well. Besides, you have to give your detailed and honest thoughts on its plot, characters, style of writing, etc. This will help other people make a decision on whether they want to read it or not. So dig deeper, explain yourself, and you will definitely write a compelling book review!

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