Windows 10 :10 Things you need to know

Early morning was really auspicious when Microsoft launched its Windows 10 operating system. The customers and some workers were invited in San Francisco at the event and they were familiar that the company might launch Windows 8 update or maximum Windows 9, but leaving behind all the rumours and expectations, Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 OS. The US firm dropped the idea to release Windows 9 and brought Windows 10 OS, which is higher and more user friendly like Windows 7. The start menu is back again that can be said the major change.

Microsoft gave its first look on Tuesday and this major release will be same on all windows hardware from PCs to phones and try to remove the ills that have determined Windows 8.

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Why Windows 10?

The real name would have been Windows 9, but the Company thought to take a break with the past. “We are not going to build an incremental product,” said Terry Myerson, head of Microsoft’s OS Group.

Microsoft Officials decided the name “Windows One,” he said, to match its product names like Microsoft OneDrive and OneNote  and its “One Microsoft” business policy. But then he found that the name was already dropped a long time ago by Bill Gates.

Perhaps Microsoft did not like to follow the idea that was used by Apple’s OS X. So leaving all the reasons aside, it was named Windows 10.

“When you see the product in its fullness, I think you’ll agree it’s an appropriate name for the breadth of the product family that’s coming,” Myerson said.

What car does it resemble?

Yes, Microsoft came up with a car analogy. It forces to consider of Windows 10 as a Tesla.

“Yesterday, they were driving a first-gen Prius, and when they got Windows 10 they didn’t have to learn to drive something new, but it was as if we got them a Tesla,” Myerson said.

What devices will it run on?

The company displays only desktop version yet, but Windows 10 will be for mobiles, tablets and all supportable products, too.


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“It will run on the broadest types of devices ever, from the smallest ‘Internet of things’ device to enterprise data centers worldwide,” Myerson said. “Some of these devices have 4-inch screens, and some will have 80-inch screens. And some don’t have any screen at all.”

Is there a start menu back?

The start menu was main focus from all the users whenever Microsoft launched its Windows 8 update, but this time finally the start menu is back with latest Windows 10. On the left side, the applications or software will be seen in successor Windows 7 style, whereas on the right side are color vivid “live tiles” that open the present Windows 8 style apps. Now the start menu is advanced and customizable, so you can resize the tiles and move them around even you can also make it tall and thin or long and flat.

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windows10-start-menu-on-screen-spiderorbitPictures By : PCWORLD

How does it look ?

If you run new style app in Windows 8, it fills the whole display and there are no more choices to resize it. In Windows 10, “windows” metaphor is back; you will be able to resize the new style apps and drag them around the display like Win 32 app.

What is new?

Some users have been confused by the interface of Win 8 and can’t understand that how to get back to an app. Windows 10 comes with a feature OS X’s mission control which allows you zoom out and check everything opened on the PC, then select any app to enter it.

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What’s special in it for business customers?

This event was especially focused for business users. Microsoft will discuss about customer aspects of Windows 10 very soon. We will see many specs but here are particular points:

The US firm assures that Windows 10 will be more handy than Windows 8. The Windows 10 will be user friendly to users whether they are coming from Windows 7 or Windows 8. The workers will find it more productive,” Belfiore said.

New Windows 10 will be compatible with “all traditional management systems in use today.” The users are progressively using “mobile device management” tools to manage mobiles and tablets. “Windows phones and tablets support MDM today, but with Windows 10, customers will be able to use MDM to manage all their Windows devices” including PCs, laptops and even Internet of things devices.

The app developers will find “one application platform,” Belfiore promised. “Whether it’s building a game or a line-of-business application, there will be one way to write a universal application that targets the entire product family,” he said.

Is it touch-enabled?

Yes. “We’re not giving up on touch,” Belfiore said. It means that you can use touch to scroll, and pinch to zoom on laptops and desktops.

Another new feature is added here called “continuum” for the users using two in one PCs. When you detach the keyboard, it will ask go into tablet mode. When you say ‘Yes,’ it will change the UI according to tablet. When the app enlarges to full screen, and then start menu changes into bigger icon mode.

Is there a Command Prompt?

Yes, of course there is. Microsoft displayed how it now supports like CTRL+C and CTRL+V so the users can easily paste in a directory from another app, for example.

When will it be released?

After discussing about the Windows 10, now we come to its release date. Everyone is curious to know about its availability but it may launch in the Mid 2015. Before that a selected group of “Windows insiders” will get a technical preview for desktops and laptops on Wednesday and later for servers. Previews for other windows embedded devices will come later.

We cannot say anything about the price yet. And we have no news that older OS  can be upgraded into Windows 10 or not.

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