What is Triluminos and Triluminos Display

This year, Sony is taking advantage of the best television brand new LCD panel Triluminos. These LCD panels are installed in the model series W900 and Ultra HD TVs.

Triluminous is a RGB LED lighting technology that was developed by the Sony Bravia TV’s engineers and Sony recently launched Xperia Z Ultra with a Triluminos display. Triluminos technology provides brighter and sharper display without jagged edges; it produces multi color images with reality as we see by our eyes. The Triluminos technology enables the LCD and TFT displays to exhibit a wide variety of colors and thereby displaying pictures that are rich in quality and more vibrant. This technology is used to make mobile and TV displays. Triluminos display enables the mobile users to use a wider range of rich natural colors that makes it feasible to express difference in the color quality more precisely. It can even display the slight differences between green, red and blues.


According to certain reviews, the Triluminos technology scales up the color quality up to 50% that is more than the display quality of a normal LCD panel. For displaying the widest range of colors, Triluminos makes the use of quantum dots that are light emitting particles (2-10 nanometers).

Sony has used Triluminos technology in its Xperis series i.e. it has developed Sony Xperia Z Ultra to compete with other smartphones in the market that make use of AMOLED displays. AMOLED displays are known for their rich quality colors display. Companies are using TFT and AMOLED displays, which are good, but Triluminos is the best, and it may attract many customers in the smartphone market.



Triluminos Display 

The conventional LCD displays make use of white backlight that transmits through blue, green and red filters to develop color that the user can see. The major problem with this type of approach is that filters are not choosy. In other words, it is difficult to develop particular colors and the outcome is scattered colors.  In comparison to this, Triluminos display makes use of a blue LED backlight that gives the sharpest red and green colors to form pure color on the display. These lights are of different wavelengths that combine to display colors on the screen. In this way, the user can get better picture quality and more lively pictures.



Triluminos display is the first customer product that uses up quantum dots or nano crystals. Quantum dots are a semiconductor technology that makes use of tuned nono particles to form the view, and it enables the crystals to draw the light at the appropriate wavelengths of quantum characteristics. Aftermath, it produces an excellent picture view of the display. The Triluminos display is brighter, and it improves the contrast. Users of the Triluminos display smartphones and TV enjoy the graphics, clarity etc.

Wrap Up

According to the testimony of some witnesses at January’s CES 2013 Sony Triluminos technology is actually more intense colors. However, in the demonstration Sony materials could be observed increased intensity at some loss of detail in color. It remains to wait for the results of real tests of the new TVs Sony Triluminos.

Triluminos technology integrated into the series W900, which will be available in the spring of 2013 and in the model Ultra HD X9000, which will appear this summer.

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