Ways You Should Not Build Links to Your Blog

There are as many articles about “how to build links” as much as the number of  bloggers today. Every new day, someone comes up with new ideas on “creating link legitimately”.

But there are very few articles about “how not to build links”.


May be everyone knows it.

Recent penguin update created a lot of panic among SEOs even though it was not as brutal as everyone thought (including me).

There are hundreds of ways to build links and we have to accept that very few are legitimate.

As per latest SEO trends, Links are the prominent factor behind ranking a website on search engine.

Suicidal Ways to Build Links to Your Blog

Directory Submission – Gone are the days

This is not 2002 where everyone would submit hundred or even thousand directories and hope to conquer search result. We need to find directories in your niche like for bloggers, Technorati, indiblogger is still valuable but do not ever submit your site to directories not related to your niche and subject of the blog.

There has been a lot of gaga over directories and the result is niche directory submission. DMOZ, BOTW and many more directories are still powerful as people really search the product and services using them.

Social Bookmarking – You Gotta to be Kidding

I know social is ruling the web (or expected to be); you can’t be serious about bookmarking your website or recently published blog to scrappy bookmarking when there are websites like digg, stumpleupon, reddit, pintrest, twitter.

Bringing traffic to your newly established blog is like beating bolt in a 100 meter run or outranking Problogger in a blogging niche. If there is one thing which can make it possible then It is a social networking and by properly utilizing social media websites.

Seriously, everyone has a list of 1000 social bookmarking websites (yes I have it too) but that is of no use as doing this may give you a few visitor but I know you want to build your website as a brand.

Blog Commenting – Powerful but often Spammed

Did you ever search for “100 blog commenting site list” that too “do follow”. If yes, then my friend you are on a wrong path.

Blog Commenting is an excellent way to interact with your fellow bloggers and win a few visitors but if it is being treated as a link building technique then it may backfire.

This topic will keep on going because every trick has been spammed.


It’s more about intention while building links, say if you are replying a forum thread to gain a backlink then it is useless. I know you treat your blog as your child and want it to be a brand not just a “me too blog”.

Instead of blog commenting you can try blogger outreach and guest posting. Read this guest blogging guide article from OutreachMama and try to implement it as much as possible on your website.


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