Ways To Engage With Instagram Customers Better

Customers are the life support and backbone of any business, large or small. As a business owner you may have realized this by now but you must also know that it is highly important for you to get engage with them. However, there are several companies out there yet to realize the importance of such engagement rely on showing their sales pitches to their customers.

If you want to be a successful brand, you will therefore need to focus on interact with your peers.

  • This will help you to learn a few things of great value and with the help of technology, now it is very easy.
  • When you use Instagram for your business marketing purpose, it will become very easy due to the tools and features that it comes with.

Therefore, you should know and follow the best strategies to engage with your customers so that you can make the most out of your social followers. Here they are.

Build emotional connections

Several researches conducted by the likes of The Corporate Executive Board, Forrester, and Google have explored the significance of building a strong emotional connection with your customers.

  • They say that when businesses accomplish this, they can easily increase consumer loyalty towards them.
  • Sometimes, the researchers say that it even helps the brands to charge premium prices from them.

If you do not know how exactly you can do that you can get in touch with companies like Blastup and others to be guided through the process. Ideally, you will need to know exactly what your target audience resonates to and connects with easily so that you can deliver them exactly that.

You will need to do a proper and thorough market analysis for that matter, which once again these agencies as well as the Instagram Analytics tools will facilitate.

Ways to build emotional connection

Out of the several useful and effective ways in which you can build emotional connections with your followers one of the most significant ones are to prove that they are actually dealing with a person and not just a corporation that is nameless and essentially faceless.

That means you will need to show the human side of your business when you wish to engage with your customers in a better way. The best ways to do that include:

  • Introducing yourself: Whether it is through an email or a direct message, a tweet or an Instagram post, the user should know who you are so as to get engaged with you. This essentially required when you are dealing with a new member of your online social community. Personalized messages and a carefully drafted Instagram profile bio is therefore extremely important in this matter.
  • Use images of team members: This is one of the most effective ways to establish an emotional connection with your users on the social media platforms and forums. Behind the scene images or an image of a team member answering the queries of the customers will surely have a much stronger impact on the minds of the customers. Therefore, instead of filling up your posts with faceless logos of your company, focus on using photos of the Toms, Dicks, and Harrys of your company. This will resonate much better with your customers.
  • Bios: Just like including author bios in a blog make it look and feel genuine and readers can relate to it in a much more human manner, you should also add profile bios that are full of your information and of course a link that will take the users to your site to know more about you and your brand. This will enable the followers to get to know you and start to build a stronger and better relationship.

You will also be benefitted heavily, if you make someone your brand ambassador, for example, an influencer. It can be a well-known figure in the social media circuit or even one of your followers or customers who follow you and buy from you regularly. The good thing about selecting a user, you or a member of your team is that it will be the face of the community. This will raise the trust of your people

Build a community

It is a fact that social media community and online forums play a significant role in this aspect when you want to make your Instagram marketing efforts pay for you. The primary advantage to online communities and forums is that you will be able to engage directly with your customers.

This form of engagement can be varied but all of them useful such as:

  • By answering the questions of the customers
  • Having discussions with the community on topics that are relevant to your industry
  • Keeping them updated and
  • Sharing information that they looking for or care about.

The good news here is that popular social networks such as Facebook Groups, Google+ Communities, LinkedIn Groups, and others are now providing people with the ability and opportunity to create communities. This is an added bonus for you because your customers are highly likely to be on these social media channels already. That means it will be much easier for you to build a social community.

Hold a contest

Holding content among your followers is another useful way to get engaged with them and also to make them more engaged. It is a human nature to like things that come for free. You should take advantage of that to the fullest. The best you can do is hold a contest for your followers.

This will not only allow you to grab their attention but when you reward them for their participation in any form, it will increase the trust and loyalty for you and your business. They will not leave you when you do not have a solution currently or a product that is out of stock. They would rather wait than to go to your competitors.

All these ways will surely increase the level of engagement among your customers and the prospects of your sales. Therefore, go ahead and get engaged with your followers.

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