Valentine Special:’Romantimatic’ App will Change Your Love Life

When the world is celebrating valentine’ s week, a great app ‘Romantimatic’ launched for iOS running Smartphones and tablets. We live in a world where everyone is busy in their own chores and one does not get the time to tell their loved ones that they are special to them. They are used to surround themselves with gadgets and sometimes prefer this virtual universe. And due to the fact that they are 24 hours without sleep and lunch break looking at the monitor, they often do not have time for personal life. According to the popular stereotype, programmers and their colleagues in the IT-sphere – people are smart, but very scattered.

Here this great app named ‘Romantimatic’ comes to your rescue; the app will remind you to send romantic text messages to your loved ones. ‘Romantimatic’ app is created by Greg Knauss, a software developer. Mr. Knauss told that he realized that he forgets some time to tell her wife that he loves her. He thought that something should be different to make romantic life, so he converted his idea into Romantimatic app.

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With this app, the users can set sending time along with text like “I miss you”, I love you”, “you make my life cheerful”, “this is meeting time but missing you”. The users can select some simple and long text also from the message categories. If you think that these messages are getting monotonous, the app even allows the users to make personalize message. You can also make use of the app just to receive reminders after the time frequency set by you and then can simply type your own personalized love messages for your loved ones.

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Sometimes we pass through very much hectic schedule and don’t get sufficient time for love life, but this app will definitely work in such a busy time and will be useful for our love and married life. All you have to do is to enter the phone number of your partner and then set the frequency and time i.e. hours or days with which you wish to get the notifications and get a reminder for sending messages to your loved ones. It sends you a notification to notify you when it is the time to give a ring to your loved ones or send them a text message. In order to add more than one person, the user can simply modify the settings and add their own list of persons they wish to send a love message.

Really, our Apple Smartphone will make life easy with the help of this ‘Romantimatic’ app and don’t need to remember that we have to send ‘I love you’ or ‘I miss you’ messages to the most loving persons in our lives. The app is available only for Apple IOS platform and will be launched soon for android OS too. It can be downloaded at iTunes now for $1.99.

Good luck to you and romantic Valentine’s Day! And do not forget to house your Smartphone.  Hope, you will share this important information with your friends. Feel free to discuss with us about this app.

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