How to Update An iPad, iPhone and iPod (Universal Procedure)

iPad, iPod, iPhone are the high end devices designed by Apple Inc. Apple is one of the most popular companies throughout the world recognized for its marvelous gadgets. The gadgets launched by Apple have its own operating system and some cool features that could not be found on other devices.

It even keeps on upgrading the operating system regularly to provide the improved operating system to the users with more exciting features than before. So, if you wish to update your Apple device (iPad, iPhone, or iPod), you need not to search the procedure on Google.

Just follow the universal procedure to update iPad, iPod, or iPhone given below.

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Steps to update an iPad, iPod, or iPhone through Universal Procedure

  • Backup your device: If you want all your data to be safe even after the update, you must not forget to back up your device. It is one of the most crucial things to do before updating your Apple device
  • Connect your device to Power Source: The updation of your device might consume too much time. So, you must connect it to a power source in order to avoid any kind of mess due to power failure.
  • Connect to Wireless Network: The installation process might consume a lot of mobile data. So, it is recommended to connect your device through wireless connection or any Wi-Fi network. This will save lots of your mobile data from getting consumed in the process.
  • Check if the update is available: You must open software update tool to see whether the update is available or not. Go to Setting > General >Software Update. If the badge appears over the ‘App Settings’ icon, the update is available.


  • Review updates that are available: This will help you to know what will be changing after you update your device.
  • Download the Update: You need to download the update in order to carry out successful installation. So press the download button to start the download of update installer. Your device should have enough space to accommodate the download.
  • Install the Update: Once you have downloaded the update installer, the download button would be changed to ‘Install Now’ button. Press it in order to begin its installation. Wait for a few minutes for the installation to complete. After the installation completes, the new iOS had been installed on your device.

Final Words

The above mentioned was the universal procedure to update your iOS devices. If you wish to update your iPod, iPhone, or iPad, follow the above mentioned steps carefully to update your Apple devices successfully without any hassle. But, before you start update, clear off the memory of your device so that enough space is available to download and install the update.

If you face any any issue during updation, then let us know through mail, we will try to resolve your all problem as soon as possible. I personally updated my Apple iPad through this universal procedure and now working pleasantly.

Recently, Apple launched iOS 8, so every user would be excited to update their devices and they can follow same procedure. Several major changes have been found in this latest update and it would be advantageous for every Apple product, which is supportable to  it.

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