Transfer Data with Lightning Fast Speed on Your Android Phone

It’s the age of computers, laptops and mobiles. Since all youngsters as well as adults feel helpless without these gadgets nowadays, these have become a necessity for everyone’s life. The same brings the need for transferring data, which includes music, photos, files, etc. And what if you have to spend a lot of time transferring each file from you laptop to your android phones? It really will piss you off. Won’t it? It will, definitely. But, you don’t need to worry about all these hassles any more. It is because, now there are several apps available in the marketplace to help you out with the transferring job. One of the best app is being discussed below.

Xender- Flash Transfer for Android and PC

Using Xender will ensure that you would no more have to wait for transferring each file to or from your smart phone. The traditional methods like Bluetooth are old fashioned now. You don’t have to wait that impatiently for your file transfers. Now is the age to just Xender your data within seconds.

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What is Xender?

It is simply an application which is known as the fastest data transferring app ever developed for the Android platform. You can download it for free from the Android Google Play store. The app allows you to transfer videos, songs, documents, apps, etc.; within a few seconds. You can put through your phone directly even in the absence of Wi-Fi or 3G data to transfer files without facing the issues of mobile traffic.

How can you utilize Xender?

 You can share almost all types of files and formats successfully through the Xender app. It can be used for all tablets, phones or a pc to transfer files over a wireless connection. You get a transfer speed of above 4 mbps. This way a full movie can be transferred in about 50 seconds.

This app earlier gained popularity by the name of Flash Transfer. Both the devices should have this app installed for sharing files across each other. You can connect with friends or form a group in order to share files across Xender. You can also share stuff with multiple people at the same time and all these transmissions are absolutely free of cost. The transfer speed is almost 50 times the Bluetooth speed.

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How to install Xender?

To install Xender, you can directly download it from Google Play store and then install the same by following certain procedure that appears in installation process.

How to transfer or share files through Xender ?

After installing the app on your Android device, you can perform the following process to get started with its function:

1. First, launch the app on your Android phone and ask to your friend to do same on his phone.

2. Tap the ‘connect friends button’ and start creating a group.

3. Your friend will be able to see the notification on his Xender screen that you have become online. Say him to tap the connect friends button and then tap your name in order to join.

4. Through this point, both of you will be able to send or receive files via Xender.


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Additional features of Xender

There are some additional features of this app.

  • The main feature of the app is that you can connect with many friends and share data with them at same time.
  • There is no charge for transmission and it’s absolutely free.
  • It works as app sharing tool too and you can share your apps with your friends on Android devices.
  • You have authority to utilize the history for sharing recent sent or received data with other person.


All gadget freaks are absolutely in love with this app and have been using it since quite some time for transferring files at higher speed. Now, they no more rely on using data cable for transferring their stuff. Its awesome features have made many users bid adieu to Bluetooth as well. It is worth using for all those who want to transfer data quickly. All Xender app users highly recommend it to all friends and family members.

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