Top 5 Android Apps which make life easier

Here we can see many android apps available in the market and launching constantly, but we chose best 5 android apps for you. The apps are paid, but will be proved very useful for every android phone user.

1. Instapaper

Instapaper is critically acclaimed best paid app amongst iPad and iPhone users as an offline content reader. It’s now available for android also. It shows your saved web pages in perfect optimized text view on mobile and iPad. Instapaper is really very helpful app which makes you feel as working or reading on personal computer because It provides unique and new feature to save web pages for offline reading.

It will be perfect for them who use e-news paper, magazines and blog because they can save their articles or blog and read them later when they have sufficient time.

It was updated to 1.2.2 version on last may 14, 2013 and size is 3.6 MB.
Price- Rs.161.39




2. SwiftKey



Swiftkey replaces your phone’s touch keyboard on your android devices and lets you unique user experience. It’s a gesture keyboard app which predicts your next word and containing multiple language supports to make word prediction easier. You can type smoothly and continuously by swiping instead of tapping. It learns as you type, your way of writing and reduces your typing time. Swiftkey offers a free trial version for 30 days only, after that you’ll have to purchase this app.
The best thing is that It types your complete sentence without lifting your finger from display.

Recently It was updated to latest version on July 1,2013.
Price-Rs. 99.00

3. Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher Prime-spiderorbit

Nova Launcher Prime-spiderorbit

Nova Launcher is highly customoziable and home screen replacement app for android. It has many advanced features like hide apps (hiding never used apps), app drawer (Organize apps into a folder), unread counting (for e-mail and messages), Gestures (pinching and swiping), scrolling effects etc. These all small features make the unique and creative experience. It runs with 4.0 android or above version.

Nova launcher free version is also available in the market but If you want to gain different experiences with advanced features, you’ll have to take pro version that is paid.

It was updated on march 3, 2013.
Price- Rs. 220.00

4. CamScanner(License)PDF Creator



You don’t need to go out for scanning your document in an emergency condition because the cam scanner app is available now on google app store which runs with Android Smartphones and produce a quality scan like scanner device. It uses a camera of your Smartphone and provides a snapshot. It has some features as image adjustment, pdf conversion and cloud storage which make It more interesting.
Using this app you can capture a snapshot of your important documents like newspapers, books, notes, visiting cards etc.

Free version of the Cam Scanner app is also available but It creates watermark on captured image and cloud storage feature is available for 7 days only so You’ll have to purchase the paid version for all features.

It was updated on April 19, 2013.
Price-Rs. 269.34

5.Titanium Backup PRO Key



Titanium Backup is most powerful and prominent backup tool for Android devices. You can backup or restore your apps and data with 100% security. You will not need to close any app during backup. You can backup any data or apps from SD card also.

Free version is limited because It provides only simple apps backup but pro version is packed with following features which will provide reliable and efficient functions.

It was updated on June 18, 2013.
Price- Rs. 329.12

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