Top 5 Curved TVs in India

The trend of curved screen televisions is something which has grown progressively in last few years. A curved screen TV looks incredible from outside and gives a bunch of advantages to the viewer. It offers enhanced viewing experience and gives perfect viewing angles without color shifts or other issues.Originally, the biggest trouble with normal big-screen televisions was the inability to view from oblique positions. You could not have full view of the screen from certain angles. But now, with curved TVs you can have best visual experience from all positions with minimal amount of eye strain. Everything appears sharp, crisp and clear, and a perfect environment is created to enjoy any movie, TV show, or video game. So, before you invest your resources in a brand new Curved TV, do have a look on the best options which are available in the Indian market!

1. Samsung 65JS9000 65-Inch Ultra-HD Smart Curved LED


If you’re looking for a perfect Curved Television for your living room, we’ll suggest you to go with Samsung 65JS9000. The latest masterpiece from Samsung features a 4k Ultra HD Curved display of 65-inches. It flaunts a sleek and compact metal body, and delivers prolific visual experience from all-angles.The UHD screen of this television makes use of Nano Crystal technology, and produces superior image quality with bright and true-to-life colors. It gives refined visuals and also includes Smart TV menu bar, which connects with several apps at the touch of button. Presently, this television is hitting the shelves via offline and online stores at a price somewhere around Rs. 3,50,000.

2. Samsung UA65HU9000R 65-Inch Ultra-HD 3D Smart Curved LED


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Samsung’s UA65HU9000R 3D Smart Curved LED television also packs an immersive viewing experience with fine details. The 3D Ultra HD LED from the company features a 65-inch Curved display and takes movies and videos to a whole new level. Its sleek and compact body fits perfectly in every living room, and gives a real treat to viewers sitting in oblique positions.This television provides uniform and balanced viewing from all sides, and powers up by a Quad-Core Plus processor that packs immense support for performing a bunch of tasks including sharing, web-browsing, multi-tasking and much more. It also brings Clear Motion Technology on-board, which shows fast moving images with complete crispness and clarity. The performance of this smart curved TV is something which you don’t get with other UHD TVs rolling in the market.

3. LG Cinema 55EA9800 55-Inch 3D Smart Curved OLED


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Along with Samsung, LG has also made its mark in the Curved screen television segment.The renowned tech-giant recently launched Cinema 55EA98003D Smart Curved OLEDSmart Paper Slim Televisionwith a screen size of 55-inches. The full-HD OLED TV packs a real punch against other high-end TVs and boasts an impressive blend of styling, class, performance, and functionality. The pixels of this TV make color and light representations more accurate, and show fine details witch rich color rendering and better contrasts. It sits perfectly as one of the best OLED TVs in the market, and packs remarkable sound quality with LG clear two channel speaker system, offering high-quality sound with rich bass.

Added to this, LG Cinema 55EA9800 brings a whole new world of 3D at the touch of a button. LGs 3D world card gives immersive viewing experience of 3D content, and enhances the quality of movies, games, sports, music videos, and other TV content. This TV is quite expensive, but it offers a complete package for smart viewing with a very slim and sleek design concept.

4. LG 55EC930T 55-Inch Full-HD 3D Smart Curved OLED TV

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The 55EC930T from LG is also one of the best Curved television rolling in the market. This 55-inch 3D smart OLED TV packs an immersive viewing experience, and delivers rich colors and bright contrasts from all-angles.Its compact design language and crisp curved display gives an incredible viewing trip, and gives another level to standard movies and TV shows. This TV is also an ideal companion for 3D entertainment.You can watch full-HD 3D movies with extreme clarity, and explore the crispness and liveliness of images with lightweight, stylish, and most comfortable 3D glasses.

On whole, LG 55EC930T gives an amazing experience of natural shades and hue. Whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or listening music, it will cater all your needs with top-of-the line performance. You’ll see crystal clear images with enhanced panel refresh rate and can also control its basic functions with the new smart touch control feature.

5. Samsung UA65H8000AR 65-Inch Full-HD 3D Smart Curved LED

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Another 65-inch beauty from Samsung is the UA65H8000AR. This full-HD 3D smart Curved LED TV delivers crystal clear viewing experience with accurate colors and better contrasts. It offers several benefits of an ideal curved TV and delivers sharp images with an impressive screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 Pixels. This smart TV comes at a price around Rs. 2,50,000, and performs really well with Samsung Full HD 3D technology. This technology delivers an unbelievable 3D experience, and produces outstanding picture quality, brilliant colors, and loads of possibilities.

The look and feel of this television is quite impressive. Plus, there are two built-in speakers which deliver incredible sound quality while watching movies or playing games. The powerful display and processor of Television makes entertainment a touch quicker and better than ever before!

Inference :

So, these were the Top 5 Curved TVs in India which are available. All these power-packed televisions deliver incredible viewing experience with rich colors and better contrasts.They’re quite expensive, but when it comes to performance, no other player has been able to tackle their swift performance and immersive display quality. From stunning design-language to razor sharp viewing, you can have everything with these powerful Curved LED TVs rolling in the market.

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