Top 5 Android Games 2013 Free Download

Are you an Android Geek having an Android phone?

If yes, then need to install following latest games on your handset to touch new altitude of gaming. If you like to play games on your Smartphone, then you must have these following stunning games in your Android Smartphones.

These all upgraded version launched recently with high quality graphics and 3d sound and can be said most trendy games of the year 2013. Here is the list of top 5 Android games that will thoroughly entertain you.


Temple Run 2


Temple run is the most famous action game for Android operating system and Its second version has been launched which lets you more action to finish adventurous deeds. Now a day It can be found easily in mostly android user’s mobile.
The game is around a guy who has stolen an Idol from an old temple, and now he has to run to save his life from demon monkeys. Use swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoid hurdles. By Collecting coins, your power will be increased, and you’ll able to unlock new characters for longer distance.

Fast Racing 3D



If you are fanatic about fast racing, then fast racing 3d would be the best game for Android users. The Highly 3d graphics with gnarly impact-crash sound effects makes it fantastic game, which doesn’t take away your sight from the screen even for a moment. One thing I like most about the game is that it is optional “auto acceleration” system. You can upgrade and customize your cars and can unlock new cars with earned cash.
Fast Racing 3D creates a different user experience than other racing games because Its racing tracks and awesome cars create attention on the screen.

Gangster City



Gameloft brought the latest game in the crime series “Gangster City”. The city is filled with crime and corruption and rising cases of murder and theft day by day. It’s a multiplayer game and you have the freedom to opt your own path.
In this game, the protagonist’s brother has been kidnapped, and the protagonist is searching him everywhere in the town. To make him free, he needs to battle with all other criminals and the gangster, in order to accomplish his mission he also needs to rob banks as well as the shops in his way to get the required money. He even needs to tackle the cops and befall them down the line to complete his ultimate mission to recover his brother from the kidnappers.
You can only win this game with self determination to overcome all the challenges that come your way, be fearless as you are going to face one of the most deadliest gang you have ever come across in a game.

Agent Dash



Agent Dash is an action game where you have to run as the character – Agent Dash. But the agent is not a thief, he is a secret agent who wants to destroy enemies and their bases. You will find underground area, forest and city in the environment of the game. The agent has spy gadgets, equipped Jetpacks and parachutes which will help you to finish the mission. You can make your weapons destroying the villain’s bases. The game has high quality graphics and dynamic audio with sound effects.




In the game, you have to go higher and higher, and you will have a character mini Ninja who gains height as he goes up and your score increases. The game looks prettier and easier, but It is not easy because there will be hurdles as villain ninjas, foxes and birds that will create obstacles in your journey towards to never ending walls. When Ninja kills or hits something, your points will be added to your account, and when your numbers of kills reach three, you will get special power.

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