Top 3 Reasons to Use Android Parental Controls

The use of Android smartphones is on boom. According to an estimate, the number of Android users has topped 1 Billion figure this April and most of the users are the teens.Every parent is familiar with the attitude of adolescents. They are reckless, adventurous, curious and impulsive. All these attributes carry a big danger with them.

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The expanding reach of android smartphone and the carefree nature of teenagers, both unitedly elicit the need to use Android Parental Controls for teen’s devices to assure their safety. There are top 3 reasons that affirms the importance of parental controls on teen’s android devices and these are:

1.  To keep check on teens’ device usage

Many parents buy their preteen and teens a smartphone for their guard, to facilitate communication and to stay in contact.But how many of you know how your teens use their cell phone? Hardly a few.They may not use it to connect with parents all alone and start a random conversation with a stranger. You don’t always know who your kids are friends with.


Forget about their background, you may not even know the names of your teenager’s friends. There are many possibilities that they enlarge their social circle through their smartphone and come in contact with a stranger-danger. Thus, it is extremely recommended for parents to maintain a tab on their kids’ mobile usage and remain informed.In this, setting up parental controls on the teen’s device can truly serve.

2.  To track location-history

Are you mindful of your kid’s whereabouts? Do you know where do they hang out after school? Are they visiting any notorious bar or something? If not, then you should. It’s not about spying on them, rather it is for their own safety. You know according stats, a child is kidnapped in the U.S. every 40 seconds. So better track their location and be with them anytime they need you. You can keep track of their complete location-history along with the number of visits, date and time stamps using the all-inclusive Android parental controls.

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3.  Have Control:

Last but not the least, Android parental control is all about empowering parents and giving them control over their Kid’s devices. Any feature-rich parental control app such as FamilyTime offers variety of features including:

  • Lock Phone Remotely: Whenever you feel the need to restrict your kids’ mobile usage, reduce their screen time or data privacy, you can lock their phone remotely.
  • Block Apps: There are are apps that you may not want your teen to use. You can block them using the parental controls.
  • Watchlist Contacts: If you find any contact suspicious, Watchlist it and get alerts whenever the contact is made by either party.
  • Geo-Fence Places: Create a virtual fence around important places and stay informed whenever you enter or exits the place.
  • Receive Alerts: Don’t forget to pick up your kid. Get alerts from them beforehand.


To get the parental control on your android phone, download it today from Google Play Store.

The list is not over. There are many other reasons too. If you are aware of those, share with us in the comment block below.

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