Top 10 Android Phones To Buy In 2014


Are you looking forward to get yourself a good android Smartphone in 2014?

Well, there are a variety of them that will be released in 2014, and it’s all about making the best choice. There are so many small companies, emerged into the market as a big competitor of branded device providers and giving tough competition to all reputed manufacturers . They are launching day by day cheap handsets with high specifications and advanced technology. Long before taking up the decision of buying an android phone, it is important to look at some considerations.

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Considerations to make before buying Android smart phones in 2014

• Battery Life: This will refer to the period of time that your battery can serve you. Notice that android phones consume a lot of power therefore the longer the battery life, the better. You need to consider the energy consumption when the phone is in use and when it’s on standby.

• The design: You need to get an android phone that has a design that is pleasant to you. Consider the weight too and the size of the phone. Do you need an additional physical keyboard alongside the touch screen?

• Look at the specifications: How much internal memory is your android phone equipped with? Also through removal media, you need to know how much storage the android phone can support. Notice that the operating system of each android Smartphone fully determines the way the device operates, its speed, and the amount of storage that the device can support.


• The multimedia: This refers to the functions that the multimedia offers, which allows you to access music, photos, among other favorites. Therefore before going ahead to purchase an Android Smartphone, the multimedia is a must consideration.

• Features: Be very keen on the features that an Android Smartphone comes with because these determine the functionality of an android phone besides just calling.
Basically, before going out in 2014 for an android Smartphone hunt, consider the above factors. Notice that the android Smartphone market is growing by the day, which means that the Android phones are paving their way into the industry fast and furious. This only means that 2014 will have a wide variety of Android phones.

. Price : Price is also main thing which is mainly considered before buying a phone. There are many small and big mobile manufactures in the market which determine the price of the phone on the basis of brand value. So you should never think that low prices phones do not work properly. You should check the features of the trending phones and then consider the price and the last step is compare them carefully.

Top 10 Android phones 2014
1. Samsung Galaxy Note 2
2. Google Nexus 5
3. LG G2
4. Samsung Galaxy Note 3
5. Samsung Galaxy Round
6. Samsung Galaxy Grand 2
7. Sony Xperia Z1
9. Sony Xperia Z
10. Micromax Canvas Turbo A250

Notice that the Android phones are always many and that’s why there is always an outline of the top Android smart phones. It makes your work easier in that you already have a good choice to make depending on your taste, alongside the above mentioned considerations. Therefore, with the rankings of top 10 Android smart phones expected to face the market in 2014, the above mentioned are rated as the best with the best features and also the most advanced in terms of upping of all the specs.

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