The Justified Sin, debut novel of Harpreet Makkar up for release

The Justified Sin is another debut published by Author’s Empire Publications. Giving voice to the character of Jay, Harpreet Makkar tells a love story which has no clichés in it. It is more than love and the author has chosen to express the listlessness felt by a common youth. Harpreet himself has seen some of what he has told in the story and some he has seen his friends or closed one’s going through.

Professionally, Harpreet Makkar is a full-time businessman and helps his father run the family business. Before deciding to join his father’s business, he has worked in a top automobile MNC in India. It was his decision to come to his home town and work with his father that fuelled his passion for writing and his work finally made it from his notebooks to become a proposal for a publication house. Harpreet is a fan of romantic fiction and has chosen to debut with a novel that is romantic in nature but also addresses different aspects of the live.

The Justified Sin by Harpreet Makkar-spiderorbit

The Justified Sin by Harpreet Makkar-spiderorbit

Coming to the story, it is about a guy, Jay who navigates through life of luxury with a little care in the world. His world is as good as it gets for anyone but yet he feels like a beggar rather than a king.  He has always wanted to do go in life but somehow his efforts become the sins that he didn’t commit. Having three women in life and yet not finding anyone to love, from finding money but yet not finding anyone to spend on. Jay has a life which seems perfect on the outside but inside it is all flawed.

Harpreet has chosen a theme which reverberates in all of us at some point of time, feeling the void when there is none to fill, a sense of loss when you have everything, it is the story of youth who have everything but life doesn’t make fully sense. His novel is greatly awaited by the readers going from the coverage he has got and how many people like it on Facebook.

The novel is coming out this month and is already making waves with the pre-orders coming in. You can order your copy from any of the online book stores like,, etc.

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