The Best Productivity Apps for Students

Are you a student who is in desperate need of help where productivity and organization are involved? Perhaps you are a good student in terms of understanding the content, but meeting deadlines is a constant issue. Often this comes down to time management. This is a skill that will help you not just in school but in life in general, but other factors can also play into the problem. With that said, here’s a look at the best productivity apps for students.


Is the main problem that you have an issue staying focused? Perhaps you can start tasks but the follow-through isn’t exactly great. It’s a common problem people have, especially with school studies. Not every topic is going to be riveting and before you know it, your mind starts wandering and you’ve lost focus.

This is why the Forest app can be worth the download. This one helps you to be productive unexpectedly and creatively. Each time you start to feel like you’re losing focus and you’re drifting off, launch the Forest app and plant a tree. Your tree will then grow, and you add more to it – thereby creating a forest. Now here’s the catch, the tree will only grow while you’re focused. Leave your phone alone, don’t touch anything, and focus on your work, and the tree continues to grow. Start playing with your device, turn off the app and allow yourself to be distracted, and the tree stops growing.

The app can be described as a focus timer, helping you to set goals. It’s effective thanks to how simple it is.

Cold Turkey

Now if you find the Forest app isn’t enough to cut out distractions and you’re still losing focus, it’s time for something a bit more restrictive. The Cold Turkey app is meant to ensure you stay focused. You simply start a timer and then all websites will be off-limits until the timer is done. It doesn’t matter what the website is, it’s blocked, and there is no changing that or cancelling it. If this still doesn’t go far enough, you can choose to block the whole internet. It’s the kind of app you’ll have a love-hate relationship with.


If your main issue is time management, keeping track of when assignments are due, and making sure you give yourself enough time to complete tasks then the Todoist is the perfect app. Not only is this app filled with powerful tools to help you take control of your time, but it’s incredibly easy to use. There’s no learning curve here, simply download the app and start using it.

Some of the standout features include:

  • Create several different lists
  • Create sub-lists under each project
  • Give lists and tasks a priority level
  • Set up reminders for tasks and deadlines
  • Set recurring reminders

This is meant for the student that isn’t looking for all the extra bells and whistles, yet wants something that increases their productivity.


Another tool that students can find helpful is something that aids in taking notes. It doesn’t matter what class you’re taking, you need to be able to make notes that can be used for study sessions and assignments. Notes can also help you to get a better understanding of the content. If you’re juggling many classes at once, these notes ensure nothing gets confused or blended into each other.

This brings us to the Evernote app, which is the perfect tool for notetaking. With this app, you can turn your mobile device into a digital notebook. Some of the functions it’s capable of include saving web articles, scanning documents, creating lists, retrieving text from an image, and plenty more.

This can be helpful if you’re enrolled in an online program and want to be sure you keep all your notes organised in a central location. The MSC Management & Analytics program through Aston University will have you making all kinds of notes. The very program itself is about data and analytics. A tool like Evernote can make all the difference in the world.

Google Calendar

If you want a high-powered calendar app that is filled with all the must-have features, look no further than the Google Calendar. Most experts would agree that despite the many calendar apps that exist today, Google Calendar still takes the top spot with ease. The fact it works across all devices makes it all the more versatile, and you can use it with teams – or in the case of students – other students.

At any given point you have multiple calendars meant for different projects and tasks, set reminders, make use of the colour coding feature, set tasks and so much more. And another big bonus with Google Calendar is how easy and seamless it is to use.


The last thing you want to risk is losing marks on assignments due to poor grammar and silly errors. This is why the Grammarly app is another must-have productivity app for students. It doesn’t matter what subject you are taking, Grammarly will be useful. This app seamlessly checks the grammar and spelling in your document, highlighting all the areas of concern. The best part about this app, it’s free to use. This one is a browser extension that you’ll need to install.


The pandemic opened up a whole new door to what it means to communicate in a digital world. During lockdowns, people relied on Zoom to hold business meetings and chat with friends and family. This same app can be used to create a study session. Set up regular Zoom meetings for you and your study buddies to go over all the latest notes and content so that you’ll be well prepared for your quizzes, tests, and exams.

Boost Your Productivity In a Big Way

All of these apps provide students with ways to boost their productivity and start reaching goals they didn’t think were possible. Chances are you’ll want to download a couple of these apps for the best results.

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