Best Operating System for Cell Phones/Mobiles

There are more than enough operating systems for cell phones including Android OS and iOS but we are not aware of the latest and next-generation operating systems on which our smartphones makers are working to acquire them.One day these latest OS can create problem for Android and iOS as well.

These latest and next-generation OS can operate Android applications too. Here, SpiderOrbit elaborate some operating systems other than Android and iOS.

List of the best operating system and review by SpiderOrbit.

1: UBUNTU Operating System

UBUNTU OS is one of the best and free operating system which makes all application unique and excellent . It produces good design to access very easily all contents of your phone. It provides all your apps, contents, and controls on its home screen for instant access to reduce the navigation again and again for other features. The best thing about the UBUNTU is its conversion into a desktop. This OS is a button less and swiping gesture based to bring everything at your fingertips.It has many apps including HTML 5 and UBUNTU works on phones, desktops and tablets.

UNBUNTU OS -spiderorbit

2: TIZEN Operating System

TIZEN is a fast-booting, scalable operating system with touch and connectivity supports. TIZEN OS is a standard based software supported by mobile operators and device manufacturers.It provides excellent applications and unique experience for users.It provides a versatile environment for application developers based on HTML 5. This OS will run on multiple device including phones,tablets and in car entertainment systems.Intel and Samsung are backing it. TIZEN has many devices and its smartphones are very powerful with 3D window effects, advanced multimedia, multi touch, sensors and multi tasking. TIZEN will provide improved and expanded features experience for netbooks.

TIZEN OS -spiderorbit

TIZEN OS -spiderorbit

3: FIREFOX Operating System

FIREFOX OS gives average look with common features including social, photos,maps,marketplace,messages,music.But it doesn’t have that much power to take on Android in the smartphone market.It will run on ultra cheap hardware and its display does not provide a good look for a smartphone. FIREFOX OS based all phones are under $100 and another one is being expected under $40. It has HTML 5 which enables it to build applications easily. Though users will feel better with this cheap and average operating system.FIREFOX has good presence in the desktop but will this take good response in the mobile market.

FIREFOX OS -spiderorbit

FIREFOX OS -spiderorbit

4: JOLLA SAILFISH Operating System

JOLLA SAILFISH OS looks better than other with the best features and more. This OS has effortless interactions based on simple gestures, visual, and tactile. It allows users to use features without tapping tiny buttons again and again. JOLLA SAILFISH OS requires swipe fingers or moving the device up and down with their hands to operate it. Its first smartphone is available for pre-orders. It has deep integrated services which enables users to access important contents at the time of multiple tasks without opening or closing a set of useful applications.

JOLLA SAILFISH -spiderorbit

JOLLA SAILFISH -spiderorbit

Verdict :

These all are not only mobile Operating system there, we can see tons more and Firefox mobile OS is expected to be available soon on Smartphones. Firefox already dominated the internet browser market and now it’s working to create own Mobile OS, so we can see Firefox enabled phones in future. But the Firefox would have to face huge competition in the market.
For now, the Android is the best operating system and running in mostly smartphones.

So, be ready to use new OS enabled phones which has to be released soon by the end of the year. We want to hear from you that which one you like most. You can send us e-mail to share your experience.

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