The Benefits of Playing Video Games

Almost all kids these days play something on their console or computer, and it has become a status quo in their circles to achieve certain medal or accomplishment in games. Before, it was playing catch outside or maybe hide and seek; now, it’s playing against evil warlords or other mysterious players online in shooter games. While it is understandable why some people are concerned when kids play something violent, playing video games is actually scientifically proven to have some benefits, which we’ve listed below:

It Promotes Creativity

A study made by the Michigan State University showed that playing video games on a desktop computer or a console actually increases creativity. In fact, the study showed twelve-year-olds are more creative in terms of drawing images and creating their own stories. Compared to most kids who only surf the internet and stay in social media the whole day, kids who play video games are more imaginative and vibrant in their creations.

It Helps Develop Leadership Skills

If you play games that require working with online teammates, it will help develop leadership skills and achieve goals through cooperation. While it does seemingly look violent—since a lot of games are either shooter or point-and-click fighting—it does help kids, and even you, make valuable decisions in a fast-paced environment.

It Practices Initiative Skills

In the light of being an effective leader, being a gamer is actually useful as you take the initiative when no one wants to. As a leader in a game, you make tough decisions, call out bad team members, and ensure your team stays safe and survives attacks. You also lead the team to victory by facing the enemies instead of running away, all while strategically thinking how to reduce casualties as much as possible.

It Helps Develop Problem-Solving Skills

Learning strategic thinking while gaming, in turn, develops the brain to accustom itself to new challenges every day, something you need to do to face tasks and solve problems. You will learn how to approach it with a system in mind, and you get the rush whenever you solve one problem after another. This is because of the dopamine level increase whenever you accomplish a level and achieve something worthwhile. It keeps you going and would drive you to push through barriers!

There are other benefits to playing video games: 

  1. They’re awesome pain relievers. Playing video games can actually help you deal with pain after surgery and accidents, and sometimes, it is prescribed by doctors as well. It has healing effects as it directs your focus someplace else while your body heals. It promotes analgesic in higher cortical systems while you’re immersed in a game.
  2. It entices kids to try out sports in real life. Kids who play sports video games are likely to try them out in real life. This will inspire them to learn what they saw in video games and strive to perfect that craft too!
  3. It can possibly improve your eyesight. If done in moderation, playing video games can actually improve the eyesight, not strain it. Playing means you develop a keener sense and can distinguish different shades of colors. A study was done wherein people with lazy eyes are required to play for ten weeks, and they needed to complete games only using their lazy eye. They showed almost normalized improvements on the affected eye.
  4. You get to know new friends. Kids who play online tend to befriend other kids in their area or even around the world. You get to bond over fun levels and stressful rounds that tests friendship with the team. You can socialize while gaming and, at the same time, learn new things about them and yourself.
  5. It helps de-stress. According to Jane McGonigal, the author of Reality Is Broken and Superbetter, gaming can help one recharge. Gaming and tackling difficult tasks can give you adrenaline and confidence boosts, something you would need if you feel down from the challenges in school or office. By giving your brain a short relaxed boost, you will end up finishing more and being productive and accomplished!
  6. It helps address autism. With gaming, you would need full control of your movement, and it helps people with autism with their motor skills and improve their behavior. Aside from that, gaming community can be pretty immersive, and people with autism will be able to find new friends and will often be accepted with open arms!
  7. It keeps your brain young. All the mind games and the creative puzzles will keep the brain working and eventually enhance memory. Aside from that, problem-solving skills and simple brain games can actually greatly benefit older people.

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