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Today I am going to introduce an outstanding application that can protect your privacy inside android sound and solid. It is Super AppLock, a locker for android, with applock function, encrypt tool and a lot more. Why I suggest this one, I installed a lot of applock apps, and this one is really functional as it says and performs stable on my device. So, let me present you this awesome app.

[Super AppLock Developer]: IriverPrivacyApps

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[Great Features]: Free & No-ads, only 2MB, beautiful themes, stable

Fantastic Applock Themes

This is the most beautiful AppLock I should say, so I present this part first to you. Super AppLock offers 40 stunning and glamorous themes. They feature popular subjects, especially the hot Halloween and Vampire themes, my favorite. You will find one that you love best, if you are a big fan of football, you can choose football theme , if you are keen to vampire tale, vampire theme should be taken priority. If you love constellation seires like Aries, Pisces , Scorpio, etc.

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Using password/pattern to control access

This is simple and easy control, also efficient. You have to create password or pattern lock the first time you start the applock. Whether you love PIN & Pattern , your choice, and you are able to change them in the applock settings options. And here I recommend the new function, App fake cover . Using app fake cover, it will put a confusing cover, like force close or fingerprint scanning page when opening locked apps. It is a smart way to solve problem your might encounter in awkward situations.

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Lock installed apps for your android device

This app support all android devices including phone, tablets, especially stable on android 3.0- 5.0 devices. It can lock almost all apps you installed , and system apps which are preinstalled on your device.

System apps including system gallery, incoming call, messenger, device settings, manager, downloader, your camera, quick note, files in SD card etc.

And installed apps , including chat, texting, photographing, banking, shopping gaming and contacting apps. Here are the common names you may find: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Camera, Gmail and Clash of Clans, Boom Beach such games , Paypal, Bank apps, Amazon, etc. There is no doubt that your apps have much private information inside, lock your apps is a solid method to protect your privacy inside the apps and your android.

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Protect photo, video and pictures inside safe vault

Do you take selfie often? Do you have important pictures of the one you love? Do you view hot photos and beautiful girls inside your phone? Do you take secret videos or private videos that you don’t want others to know? Yes, Super AppLock provide safe vault for photo and video, and also support viewing photos and videos inside safe vault. Let’s see how the process works.

First, you just need to move your private photo and video inside the vault by choosing from your Gallery. Once you decide to move them into vault, those high privacy photo and video will not be shown in the gallery. That is the first thing.

Then you can view them in the vault. You should know that a password should be entered to have access to Super AppLock, so your vault is secured. That is the second thing concerning security. Viewing the photos and videos in safe vault using the similar strategy of system gallery. You can enlarge , zoom in and zoom out, and slide left/right to view more . You will be able to see every detail of the photos , and don’t worry for being seen by others.

Yes, you can move them out whenever you want. And I believe more functions like sharing, uploading, and editing will be soon added in this app.

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Protect incoming call, recent apps history, intruder selfie

Incoming call and SMS are your daily used functions on android. With Super AppLock, you can lock them up.You can find the options in the first two options in applock page. Incoming calls is useful when you are in any situations, like at home, you won’t worry your wife might pick up your private calls. Recent apps history reveals what apps you used recently, lock it up, so your recent action won’t be known to others easily.

Intruder selfie is important. Once you enabled this function, intruders who entered the passwords incorrect for 5 times, then it will secretly take a picture of him and record this face inside Super AppLock. So that those intruder will have no way to hide themselves, and you will know who they are. A clever way right?

More functions concerning our privacy

Lock files. You can move any file inside your SD card to safe vault, such as important report, documentation, bills or excel , pdf, word, txt, etc. Locked files will be moved into safe vault too.

Uninstall protection. This function will register Super AppLock as the important managed apps with your permission. Once enabled, nobody will be able to uninstall Super AppLock . Of course you will know how to uninstall. It is all under your control. This is to prevent others uninstalling Super AppLock to steal information from your device. In the case that the phone is stolen, those thieves won’t be able to access your private apps and other information inside. Better to be safe than sorry, so high privacy security is always alert.

Hide apps. This function only support rooted device, that is android system requirement. Hide apps you don’t want them to be seen on screen, which might be your high secret apps. Hide them and only you know how to make them appear and use them in your private time.

Advance Settings

Brief exit time set to 5 minutes, always lock and until screen locked. It is your choice and very convenient.

You can change updating your passwords anytime you want in the settings, to ensure your high privacy. You can set up to 10 digits passwords and very complicated pattern as locker passwords. You can also enable random passwords, so no worry others will see your entering passwords. Brilliant applock .

Compare to other applock apps

First of all, this app is clearly free and no-ads. This is really rare now. That is why I strongly recommend this and big fan for it.

Then very functional. Almost meet all my needs to secure my privacy inside phone. Lock apps, lock files, lock photos, and videos, hide apps, themes, ,plug-ins and intruder selfie, lock incoming calls, recent apps security , and many more.

Plugins that meet your more advance needs, such as Kids Time AppLock and Guest lock for privacy. Everything you can think about are included.

So I recommend it. Try this Super AppLock now.

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