How Strong Is StrongVPN, Really?

China is crazy about StrongVPN due to the fact that it easily brakes through the so called “Great Firewall of China”. Alas, outside the region, this software is an unknown player. Are we facing the dark horse in the market or is this app simply not good enough to compete with other, better known players on the European and American markets?

Do note that we will be discussing general aspects of the app. If you wish to engage with a deeper research on the matter at hand – please make sure to find a full version of the StrongVPN review here.

Strength of the little guy

Strong loves to play low. Lower rankings as well as the absence of global recognition have already proven to work for this app. How you ask? Massive enterprises like Hulu and Netflix simply overlook StrongVPN. This opens new, amazing areas of digital entertainment for its users.

Why use VPN paired with Netflix, you ask? Because your average server locks you out of seas of previously undiscovered fun! If you live in the US you will only have access to content that’s fit for the US. With a VPN you can change your location and the Netflix app will believe you are currently located in the UK.

This, in turn, will open region-specific content for you to view. This simple lifehack opens the way to three times as much movies and shows per viewer on average. All that for the same subscription you pay for Netflix anyway!

Features and pricing

43 cities across more than 20 countries are homes to StrongVPN’s servers. Thisisn’t that much. Top players have hundreds to thousands of servers all over the world. Why is such an amount needed? The math is simple – the closer a server is to a user geographically, the better is the connection as well as internet speed! That noted, encryption of traffic also takes time and power meaning StrongVPN is not the fastest kid on the block. You will have to deal with buffering while streaming 1080p videos. But if simple digital surfing as well as social media are all of your concerns – StrongVPN should do the trick just fine.

That noted, the app is cheap. It comes for whooping 5.85 per month in a yearly plan. However, if you are only willing to try it out on a single-month basis, you will be charged $10 – a price few actual leaders in the industry dare to ask for clients to pay up.

On the bright side – StrongVPN has one of the easiest set-ups I have seen up-to-date. The app is explicitly newbie-friendly.

Veterans won’t find much in Strongs’s simplicity however as there aren’t that many servers to adjust a speedy connection, encryption is rather mediocre and only protects against random, untargeted threats and if you will be crazy enough to try hacking a bank with StrongVPN the government will find you.

Conclusion? Well, there isn’t any. A small app stands in front of you few companies notice. If you need an extra show on Netflix – go for Strong. If you are looking for sophisticated digital privacy – try something different like Nord or Express VPN.


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