Story of Love, spiced up with a Don: Piyush Naik gives you romance with a twist

How many 18-year-olds fall in love? The most likely answer would be that most of them. How many 18-year-olds fall in love with a don’s daughter? Now, we will think about it and most of us will say that it hardly happens. Piyush Naik, an eighteen years old student, takes you on the journey of what would have happened if a guy falls for a don’s daughter.

Oops! I fell in for Don’s Daughter is that story and debutant, Piyush Naik, does full justice to his characters and makes you believe that anything is possible, even falling for a girl who is out of your grasp. The love that might get you killed and that too at the tender age of 16. The protagonist is head over heels in love with the girl—but it too is marred with problems.

There are many problems that affect the protagonist, Piyansh Nigam’s life, the problem of exams, the problem of going to all-boys and all-girls school, having people distrust you, and many more. It is basically a story of love, friendship, and the time spend in school.



The book gives you a feel of the school days that has gone by and the imagination of the author leave you with a sense of bewilderment. Not many at his age could think of such a story and sound realistic about it. The story has limited number of characters and it is easier to remember. There are not too many sub-plots going in the background. The length of the book is okay and the reader can finish it in one sitting.

The author has used simple language that will appeal to his pears and also made a point that there is humour in it. The problem with the novel is that it sounds clichéd like a Bollywood movie. There are mistakes in editing, which could have been rectified and book would have made more sense.

Piyush Naik, at his age, done a good job and if he would have got the write guidance, the book had been better. It is a good effort by the author to do a different story and it is commendable… worth the price, Rs. 100.

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