Sony CP-V3 USB Portable Charger Launched in India

Now need not to worry about the charging of Sony Smartphone while travelling!

Sony, a top leading brand in electronic and communication launched portable USB charger for mobile in India. The CP-V3 USB portable charger is available in 5 exciting colors so fashion geek Sony Smartphone users can match charger with their outfits. Sony CP-V3 USB portable charger price in India will be Rs. 1,590.

It has a powerful battery of 2800 mAh capacity which takes only 60 minutes to charge your cell phone. The charger comes with 84g weight only, so it is very compact device and easy to carry anywhere. The charger’s battery is made with Lithium-ion polymer technology from Sony and having a capacity of 1000 charges. You can charge this compact charger using the USB port on your computer or the direct AC adapter.

If you want to charge fully this Sony USB portable charger via AC adapter, then it takes approximately 3.5 hours, and if it is charged through USB, it will take 6 hours. The Sony CP-V3 USB portable charger is available in all major electronic stores and Sony centers across India.

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Features of Sony CP-V3 Portable USB Charger

  • The dimensions of Sony CP-V3 portable USB charger are 38.8 X 99.0 X 19.0mm and it weighs around 84 grams.
  • This charger is available in five different colors that are blue, red, white, black and purple.
  • The portable charger also comes with a Micro USB cable.
  • This Sony portable charger is compatible with several devices namely Cyber-shot, Walkman players, Handycam and Xperia.
  • This easy to use portable charger makes use of Hybrid Gel based technology.
  • Sony has produced this charger with a rechargeable battery made up of lithium- polymer.
  • You can recharge the Sony CP-V3 portable USB charger from the AC-USB adapter or computer’s USB port which is not included with the charger.
  • In addition, it features a 1.5A output that can make sure that your smart phone gets charged quickly.

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If you are looking for more powerful, then Sony CP-F5 would be a great choice. The CP-F5 charger has a capacity of 5000 mAh and current of 1.5 A, which ensures fast charging smartphones on the way. Thin and light CP-F5 has a thickness of only 9.4 mm whereas ultra-compact CP-V3 weighs only 84 grams and has a thickness of 19 mm (38,8 x 99 x 19 mm).

Ultra-portable charger Sony CP-V3 and CP-F5 are able to maintain a sufficient power for fast charging smartphones and other popular portable devices.

Portable Charger CP-F5 and CP-V3 have a connector microUSB, used for connecting the charger most smartphones that are based on Android, iOS or Windows Phone. CP-F5 and CP-V3 can be recharged quickly and easily by connecting to USB-port of any computer, laptop or to the power supply from AC to USB-port (sold separately).


In the modern age, we all are very busy and sometimes we don’t get sufficient time to charge our phone so in that case Sony CP-V3 and CP-F5 will be proved very helpful for us. Sony especially designed these awesome chargers and now you do not need to worry even traveling anywhere. Sony has claimed them top supportable devices that come with micro USB supportability. I would suggest everyone to buy Sony chargers and they are available on all shopping websites.
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