Sony Alpha 6000 Review : Now Shoot with a Solid Mirrorless Camera

When it comes to the daily life technical gadgets like smartphones, cameras, Televisions and others, the Sony is a company which needs a good amount of thought with the product range and quality it provides.

The latest from Sony is its next generation camera, which, company says that it’s best in class and called as Sony Alpha 6000.

The A6000 is a gear which has transformed the declining market of the Sony into the sky touching graphs. The camera is now available in the market and if you’re planning to buy one for you, then here is a complete review of A6000 to give you an idea about your purchase.

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What is Sony A6000?

The A6000 is a new camera from the company with renewed features in the mirrorless category, better coverage area with 179 phase-detect points, hybrid AF mode and latest Bionz X processor.

List of A6000 Features

The A600 has some classy features in it which make it stand out of the crowd. Here is the complete list of the features of the Sony Alpha 6000.

  • A 24.3 MP APS-C CMOS sensor to get the images in an epic way.
  • The next generation and ultra fast Bionz X image processor.
  • Hybrid AF contrast system with 179 phase-detect points.
  • 3 inch tilting LCD screen with 921,600 numbers of dots.
  • A 1.44m dots OLED electronic viewfinder.
  • Noise reduction, reproduction technology and diffraction correction.
  • Full HD video recording at 1080 pixels @ 60 fps and 24p with clean HDMI output.
  • Multi-interface shoe and built-in flash.
  • Wi-Fi and NFC with some downloadable apps.

The above features make sure that the users get the total out of it and those who are very keen to photography can use their skills with this gear. The CMOS sensor in it covers a larger area than its predecessors and with improved AF tracking, the continuous shooting is a lot easier.

However, I would like to discuss two of its important features in details, which are as follows.

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Sony Alpha A6000 lenses-spiderorbit

Hybrid AF System

The hybrid AF system in the A6000 is much improved than its predecessors and unlike NEX-6, which had 99 phase-detect points to cover around 50% area, the A6000 has 179 phase-detect points which covers the 92% area, it simply means the better tracking of moving objects.

Bionz X Image Processor

The Bionz X processor in the A6000 has the better diffraction reduction technology to play with the softness and make it correct while processing the images.

Also, the chip available in it is more advanced for to counter the area- specific noise. This noise reduction is an attempt to make each part of the image with smooth tone, perfect balancing.

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Wrap Up

Now, with the above review I guess you know almost everything about the new Sony Alpha 6000 and will have a better idea if you’re planning to purchase one for you.

We would be very pleased to get your valuable suggestion and reviews once you buy and use this gear for nourishing your photography skills.

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