Social Media, Email, and Shared Inbox Management

Communication has always been the backbone of our civilization. It has connected a lot of people through distance and time. We have a lot of ways of doing so, from writing on walls to the invention of ink and paper. In the ancient times, empires used animals like pigeons and other birds to deliver messages to faraway places. These were trained by special individuals so that they can find their way back. It has transpired through time as well; books and other writing became our gateway to know what happened in the previous centuries. Keeping track of all of these is not an easy task as preservation of these written and oral information can be destroyed or forgotten. Birds can get lost in the wilderness, and people have their own biases that can change the message they were supposed to deliver. This is why people keep on finding ways to improve how they can transfer information.

Fast forward to the modern era, and the internet has taken over the world by storm. Developed primarily by the US Military, it has now become available for anyone across the world. It works as a stronghold of information and connects everyone through very large wires that run all over the world. Through the internet, communication has become way easier. We have been connected by internet and thus created a brand new way of thinking. People now think on a global scale (read more) and the actions that you might make on the internet actually have an influence in the world.

Social media has also been a driving force for many people as it has become almost a need. Most of them were developed for the purpose of creating a community in the internet where everyone can interact with each other. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all started with this simple goal. However, as humans develop and change, so do these applications. Now, these are not just apps for messaging and sharing pictures. People can now establish businesses and contact companies for employment in social media. Celebrities and artists are born and discovered through these applications. It has been such a driving force in today’s economy that companies are now looking at their own reputation through social media. However, these have posed a threat to an older medium of communication. No, we are not talking about SMS although it has also been in a decline for years now. Click this link to learn more:

We are referring to the email.

Many analysts in the previous years have thought that social media will bring an end to the email. As social media is far more accessible, there are many developers who thought it would be the end of the email. However, some of these developers just integrated both email and social media to each other. Learn more about it by clicking here. In this way, the person can keep track of both their email and social media without getting confused between the two. However, there are still a lot of people who use the email even without the social media. In fact, a lot of people prefer email for business purposes as it is seen as more formal. This makes sense, as social media is primarily used for personal relations: making friends, finding a life partner or connecting with families.

This is why it is important to have your own email as this can be used as a way to contact you for formal communication. Businesses prefer to use email for high-end transactions while social media is for informal communication. Basically, social media is accessible but email is for formality and professionalism. For example, receiving a job offer might be easier on Facebook but it would look more believable if you received it through email. If you received it on Facebook, it might be jarring or confusing as this is your personal account. Unless you use it for business transactions, it can be quite surprising if you receive a formal inquiry while chatting with your best mates about the latest hockey game.

Therefore, it is also important for companies to have your own email account or a shared inbox. If you want people to believe in your sales pitch or any kind of communication for that matter, having a uniform email address certainly helps. This does not just create brand for you, but it also helps in identifying the legitimate employees. This also makes every communication sent to your company easier to track as these emails are sent to the shared inbox. Anyone who has access can see the information and you do not need to send it over and over again. It saves you time and effort in doing so.

Having a shared inbox also eases the communication between the members of your company or institution. It is like your own social media account inside your company. Only employees can have access and you do not have any other topics to discuss aside from work. This improves the overall focus of the employees and helps them see what needs to be done. Some shared inboxes also have the capacity to connect chosen individuals with each other for a more private conversation without holding too many meetings. These take up time when you can just send a simple message to all of your members.

Tracking proposals from your clients may also be easier with a shared inbox. Some of these applications can actually let you see if it was approved or otherwise. With this system, you do not need to follow-up constantly and saves your time. Clients can be difficult sometimes, so it is important to let everyone know what is going on to help all of you prepare.

Technology has come so far in creating a better world for humanity. It might not be perfect yet, but it is still a useful tool for communication. Apps like the ones mentioned before are not just for personal or business use, it has a created a culture within itself. No human can live by himself, and we must face the globalization trend.


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