Smartphones will now help in tree plantation – Download Suggestatreespot

This may sound crazy but it’s true. Yes smartphones will now help in planting trees at your suggested spot. So next time you want to plant tree do not go to Nagar Nigam office or any where because Suggestatreespot helps you to pick your spot where you want the tree to be placed.

If you love nature (I hope u do) and want to be a part of helping tree plantation but don’t have time for plantation, then you don’t need to worry. You just need to download a new app suggestatreespot on your Smartphone. This application will help you in finding a good spot for plantation. Suggestatreespot app can be downloaded free from the Google play store but this app is only for Android based Smartphones. IOS and windows user are also waiting for this but they will have to wait little more for it. Even the people want to use it on the computers and I am sure Apps for PC site will tell us about it soon.


You will have to register your name for this application and then favourite place for plantation can be uploaded on the website .You just need to login and click add tab to send a suggestion to the users. In this process your camera will start to click pictures for plantation and these pictures will automatically be uploaded on the website by the suggestatreespot application. This information will send to NAGAR NIGAM and further they will work on it. Officers of NIGAM will plant trees and take care of them also.

This is a great initiative to make your city greener and healthier. With so many environmental issues if we could do a bit from our side, It will be great. So install the app to your Android phone and start suggesting trees to your city or any place so that you could say to your children that “son this tree was planted because of me”.

The aim of suggestatreespot app developer is to reduce the environmental problem and It will help to make any city green.

Why should you download this app?

Benefits of  Planting Trees

1. This step will be so useful to spread greenery that has been lost from our life.

2. The app will encourage our next generation to come ahead for planting trees.

3. The app will tell us about the good spot where need to plant a tree.

4. Trees are nice for our lives. It has been seen that spending time among trees reduces the stress from life and make healthier.

5. The patients also have been shown to recover from diseases very fast when their rooms are offered with plants.

6. The Trees offer several environment benefits.

7. Trees offer oxygen that we need to breath. Trees give us shades and beauty and are used for making medicine too.

8. Many species depend on the trees. Trees provide us food, protection  and of course home for many birds.

9. The Trees reduce the amount of storm, pollution and effects of flooding.

10. The trees always are real companion and grow with us.

So, at the end i would say that we have several apps in our smartphone and we all should download this one too.

Go Green and Spread the Green

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