Skype 3D Video Call- A New Feature from Microsoft

Skype was first launched by five people from Denmark, Estonia and Sweden on August 29th, 2003. Skype is one of the best messenger which allows chat, video calls etc. and it was acquired by the Microsoft in 2011 for $8.5 billion. Microsoft is providing Skype for its products together with and as well as Xbox One Gaming Console. Now, Microsoft has confirmed that it is working on the new concept 3D video call for Skype. . In addition Gillett even confirmed that Skype will feature full HD 1080p video quality to Xbox One, laptops and tablets. Skype also hinted to the coming up of sharp quality calling video calling that can be experienced on the PlayStation 4 in the near future. He even added that laptops and tablets are a way ahead from smartphones to get this facility as it will require more processing power.

Microsoft’s corporate vice-president for Skype, Mark Gillett says that VoIP service is working on Skype 3D video calls, and the experiments related to the capability of 3D screen and 3D capture has been done in the labs. This technology is expected to see first on the personal computers and tablets after that it would be available for the smartphones.

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Gillett also added that the takeover has resulted in certain advancement inclusive of the amalgamation of Skype in the email service of Microsoft’s Outlook and the upcoming operating system- Windows 8.1. Firstly the 3D format was being introduced through movies, and then it was introduced to Television sets at home to improve the viewing experience. Now keeping in mind the fast paced development in technology Microsoft has decide to extend this 3D video calling feature for Skype to their users and allow them a 3D interface.

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There are many products available in the market, which delivers 3D pictures but the 3D capturing devices are still not available, and Microsoft is working to provide 3D capturing technology via Skype in which you need to add multiple cameras to your computer and point them at the right angle. This technology would be a new experience to speak with somebody in 3D video, aftermath the users of Skype would increase very fast. The quality will be superior in the 3D, even you will be able to talk on average speed internet connection. I think it may be very positive feature of it.

Seeing the overall specifications we can say that Skype is only software which offers awesome features including 3D video call. I found it superb when I checked its services on my ordinary speed internet. I think you all must try it atleast once and I make sure that you won’t be desperate though it.

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