Seven Digital Marketing Trends That One Must Know

Digital marketing trends continue to change over the past few years along with the fast-paced changes in technology. Each digital marketing trend is making the job of marketers’ complex in its manner, but the key to success is to change your marketing strategies according to the upcoming trends, as sticking to the old strategies will do no good to the business.

It’s undeniable that the new features of social media platforms have changed the way people think about digital marketing or the overall marketing trends for that matter. The revolution is so strong that there are no barriers left between traditional marketing and digital marketing, business seems to be accepting the fact that digital marketing cannot be taken for granted. It is no surprise that digital marketing does include the use of social media platforms.

There are seven digital marketing trends that one must know this year to remain in the competition:

  • Smart content for email marketing:

Everyone has assumed that email marketing is no longer a hot topic for sale, but statistics shows that so many businesses are heavily investing in digital marketing and email marketing hold a big chunk of it. So businesses are not only investing in email marketing but also focusing on writing smart email content to engage the customer and make them feel truly valued by the brand/business.

As you by the most relevant content to your customers is genuinely driving their attention towards the brand and personalization and segmentation of customers based on their interests, demographics, etc. has made it possible. Customers feel truly valued, and this is what leads them to the decision of purchasing your products.

The key to winning at it is not by sending more and more emails instead it is by sending a smart email with better content that proves to be a magnet to pull the attention of the recipient.

  • More Visual Content Marketing:

When it comes to finding the trend to follow for a digital marketing campaign, a wise marketer must not forget this trend of “Visual Content Marketing.” If you can create highly persuasive visual content to attract your audience and promote your brand, it will leave a terrific impact in the minds of customers related to your brand, and it will increase brand awareness and publicity as well. To lead in the world revolving around digital marketing it is must thing to do to create high quality and attractive images incorporated with short text-based content for your marketing campaigns.

Videos are the most exceptional source to present your product with an interactive video and story focusing on the core purpose of why you should know by our product. By making videos, you can leave a long-lasting image in the mind of customers related to your brand. On social media platforms like Facebook, SnapChat and Instagram are playing a vital role in engaging the customers through these videos and images by the brands.

  • Mobile-Friendly Websites:

Is your marketing strategy consist mobile devices or not? If not, then you better make!!  A majority of people are browsing through their mobile phones. Brands should keep track of their websites speed bearing ads and other links are user-friendly or not because they might lose a big chunk of an audience using a mobile phone for visiting their sites to make purchasing decisions and looking into the options for other related products.

So, digital marketing strategy list of every brand must consist of mobile marketing strategies to compete well in the market. As most of the people are following the Facebook pages of different brands and all of these pages consist of their website link, they should always be working on optimizing the speed of their website for mobile traffic.

  • Content Marketing:

In digital marketing, the significance of content marketing is still at its peak. When it comes to businesses, they have now opened their windows for every individual who is capable of creating compelling content and creating more interactive content for them regardless of his/her department, degree or profession. All they need is someone with better insight to see through the expectation of the audience and shape it into reality through its content.

Brands should involve all the members of their sales and read the comments on their social media pages to take the insight of the customers before writing the content. The better understanding of audience will help you create active and engaging content for your digital marketing campaigns.

  • Invest in big data:

Why should businesses invest in big data for digital marketing? The answer is big data can make a big difference to succeed if a business uses it appropriately. Brands should always be ready to adopt upcoming trends for keeping your digital marketing strategies up to date.

Big data can bring massive change in your marketing strategies. If can help you create personalized advertisements which will easily grab the attention of customers in no time and will engage the targeted audience into the products or services offered by the brand. Through personalized ads, your investment will pay back, and it will also boost your sale to another level.

  • Influencer Marketing:

As all the users on social media platforms are familiar with the options of blocking ads and hiding ads etc. Researchers have found that people are annoyed and exhausted with online advertisements interrupting their games, browsing and scrolling on social media platforms and other websites’. So, what else can marketers do to reach an audience? “Social media Influencers and celebrities” are the only way out to make the promotion of your products possible online. Consumers are buying decisions usually based on recommendations of their friends, family and online influencers who they like and trust.

  • Live-Streaming Fever:

People are so obsessed with these live-streaming videos on all the social media platforms. Brands are taking full advantage of this hottest trend to go live on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc. for organic reach and to build brand awareness and publicity. Live-streaming has made it easier for the brands engage the audience directly using the interesting and interactive content.

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