10 Most Popular It Service Providing Software Companies

Brief Introduction

The number IT service providing companies is immense, and the number is gradually increasing as every year various companies are joining the race. Currently, software companies providing various IT service are rocking in the market, and it is mainly due to the service they are providing to other businesses.

Both public sectors, as well as private sector companies, now opt for services from various software service companies for a long period. Nowadays digitalization and information technology are the current trends in the industry, and various service based companies are utilizing this new change as they are now getting the chance to boast their proficiency.

Services provided by most of the popular software don’t very much, and the only thing varies the client company; whom they are providing the service. These services are coming useful to human beings in different ways sometimes directly or sometimes through a different medium.

These services are giving enormous profit to these software companies at the end of the year and depending on the performance client renew these service tenures.

Every year the ranking of service providing company depending upon their sales, the number of projects and various other prospects but the popularity of some standard services provided by them doesn’t change.

List of 10 Most Popular Service Providing Software Company 

The following list will depict the name of some traditional software companies who are incurring a huge amount of popularity by offering these popular services to its clients:

  1. IBM

One of the most famous companies providing an array of well-liked services to its client is IBM and it one company that has seen the evolution of service based work in the industry. IBM has been present in the IT industry since 1911, and it offers various popular services which include application development, business analytics and strategy, business consulting, big data analytics etc.

  1. German based company

Accenture is another giant that has reached the top tier list with its varied type services, and this German based company has a turnover around billions. The enterprises divided into five divisions and every division has some traditional service in their bag. They provide service to almost every sector like banking, finance, retail, health, energy resource. Media etc.

  1. 3. Microsoft Corporation

Not all IT companies have the capability to hold the top tier list of enterprises in the world, but Microsoft Corporation has that capability. This big name is always trending in the industry and lot of clients bid to get service from Microsoft. The number of services provided by them is huge that almost every domain in the industry and they has also opened a Microsoft consulting service division.

  1. Oracle Corporation

The name of Oracle Corporation is known to everyone, and this is due to the popularity of services provided by them. They are mostly popular for their database system and Java language, but apart from them they also provide other services to various clients. Although it is a California based enterprise but it has spread its reach to various parts of the world.

  1. Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard or HP is one of the oldest companies in the IT industry that has an enormous contribution to the evaluation of technology in the world. Like other IT giants, they also provide BPO service, application service, infrastructure service to their clients and because of these popular services they have gained enormous fame in the industry.

  1. SAP

SAP which is considered as the biggest competitor of Oracle didn’t begin their career in the IT industry but the emergence of technology they found their way in the IT industry. SAP is mostly known for their highly efficient services in the industry although they don’t cater services for all type of domain.

  1. Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services is probably the biggest service based company in the world that serves every kind of domain in the industry. It has employee strength more than 3.5 lakhs with many subsidiaries and offices in different countries of the world. It has its reach in every popular service in the world whether the client is from the public sector or private sector.

  1. Capgemini

Capgemini which is an international company with headquarter in Paris has earned massive reputation from its services in the various domain. It is present in almost forty-four countries in the world, and its high popular services are consulting, application development, business service, and cloud and infrastructure management service.

  1. Cognizant Technology Solution

Another name in this list is CTS or Cognizant Technology Solution which is a service based company with headquarter in New Jersey. Having their offices in the almost emerging country in the world, it provides an array of services that includes application, analytics, business, infrastructure, etc.

     10. Oye Trade 

Oye Trade was founded in 2009 with the vision of providing end-to-end IT solution. Passionate team of well experienced IT professionals in various business verticals including elearning development, digital content development, digital marketing, corporate identity design and branding, UI developer training and other IT services. Oye Trade is one of the best elearning companies in India with 8+ years of experience in elearning development. They offer elearning development services for various industries including Health and Safety, Oil and Gas, Education & Training, Engineering and Maintenance and Manufacturing.

      11.  Computer Sciences Corporation

Computer Sciences Corporation is an old service enterprise that provides services to industries like energy, consumer product, automotive, aerospace, defense, retail, healthcare, media, etc.

The above mentioned named are software companies who provides some of the most popular services in the world.

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