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Guys, now we are back with another mystery game-The secret Society which is very popular online hidden object iOS game from G5 Games. You will enjoy the game like playing a role in Hollywood movie.

In the game, you have to inspect your Uncle Richard’s mysterious disappearance and find him across the magic worlds. You also got your uncle’s special skills to jump into the magic photos, which is measured as a hidden objects levels in the game. Your journey begins through these magic pictures and need to find the clues removing the curtains from the mystery. The more patience is required for playing the game and you need to notice the clues in the pictures you go within.

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If all the clues are gathered, will develop a new way to unveil the mystery while traveling to find uncle Richard. You will have to solve all the puzzles, some of them will be harder and some normal. These all challenges will make the game tough and addictive. Here, we will tell you in detail about the secret society-hidden mystery game.

Features of The Secret Society

The game offers really an amazing experience and will entertain you completely. You can better zoom any picture to find the items that seems harder to find. You can unlock further pictures as you progress. Currently there are 12 different hidden pictures in the game and more will be added in next update.

When you jump in the image, you will see the listed items sometimes as silhouettes, sometimes in text form and broken into a multiple parts, but you need to find them quick.

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Morph mode allows you to play in hidden game-play, in which you keep eying on whole environment and see how the things are changing into others.

Get the benefit of given resources e.g. use compass to locate the right way and the items, dynamite will make clear the way and pocket watch will add the time if you don’t complete a level in specified time. Here are some more thrilling features:

  • You will enjoy the game finding your Uncle Richard because you are blessed with your uncle’s special powers.
  • There are 1700 quests in the secret society, which will keep you busy for hours and of course will entertain too.
  • Traveling will make more adventurous to the game and you have to run in different locations to find your uncle Richard and mysterious things. You will get around 25 locations which you can visit in the game. All the locations are designed in 3D and seems beautiful.
  • There are a lot of hidden items in different places and you have to find all of them. It will be more than 260 objects.
  • There are several mini puzzled games in the secret society which will be helpful to gather resources and gain more points.
  • The Secret society game also supports tablet and new iPad Retina display and you can enjoy its high quality graphics on big display.
  • The game gets latest updates and extra quests regularly from the company.


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How to download The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery Game for PC & Mac

Don’t worry, you don’t need to buy anything for running this game on PC. Now it’s possible to run Android game on PC with the help of Bluestacks emulator which is absolutely free application. You can download it from its official site or can follow our procedure.

  1. Download Bluestacks emulator. You can follow below link for complete installation guide.

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  1. Install it following the screen options.
  2. Now you will have an icon on the desktop, just click on that.
  3. Write “The Secret Society” in search bar and press enter.
  4. Now you will see the game in search result, click on download and install the game.
  5. Now you can play the Secret Society Android game on Windows 7/8 PC.


A Quick Review of Secret Society:

Here in the game you can face some small issues in design and execution, and sometimes you might feel heavy load but the flaws will not reduce the fun while playing game. The controls are average responsive. If you zoom to view image bigger then sometimes it may be slow.

Overall the game is truly adventurous and enjoyable. I hope above description will help you to know more about the game and you can easily install on your PC following step by step guide.

Hope you will like the post and share with your friends to let them know about most trending and virtual game. You can drop your precious words here below in the comment section.

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