Samsung Phone Radio Service “Milk Music” Available on Google Play

There are so many music services available in the market from spotify to Google Music and daily launching new options for music as time goes. But Samsung came out in the field of growing music streaming market and unveiled a new music service, Milk music.

The question comes here why milk music is different from others? Milk Music has a music library of 13 million audio tracks which is based on Slacker Radio. You can find here above 200 pre made radio stations and can create your own too. The service is free of cost and free of ads for a limited period and after that you will have to pay amount for using it.

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The company has made some limitations here that one cannot buy a music for offline listening but Samsung announced that such a service will be available in next update. For now, you can opt to cache music for listening music offline.

The user interface shows a big dial along with genres around it. You can select the genre by spinning the dial, which gives a nice feedback. You can set tune easily amongst latest songs, trendy songs and your favorite songs. You can easily make your own radio stations also according to bands.

When you move menu on the right side, it will show some options where you can set quality to high, customize the dial and more.

Another one unique attribute is available here, Samsung’s Air view. Air view makes dial disappeared after using it and when you touch the screen, it comes up at once. So Air view can be said most adorable feature from Samsung.

Samsung milk music service is absolutely free and well-running with Samsung Galaxy SIII, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note II, and Galaxy Note 3. There will not be shown any ads with these handsets during listen the music but you are limited 6 skips in an hour. The service is available in US only and later will be started globally.

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Features :

  • Latest hits and own favorites with a spin of the dial.
  • Music plays instantly, as user scan through stations.
  • No need any registration or installation set-up required.
  • Customize the dial and stations according to you.
  • Fine-tune stations based on popularity and song favorites.
  • Listen 200 geners and find from music library of over 13 million songs.
  • Air view gives you option to hide the dial.

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