Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs Google Nexus 6: The Smartphone Wars Heat up!

Prepare for the ultimate battle of the two major flagship phones of 2015, in which the Samsung Galaxy S6 will take on the Google Nexus 6. The battle is going to be fierce, with the future Samsung Galaxy phone battles the future Nexus venture on specifications, looks and features and both of them will face off to decide which will become the Smartphone of the year 2015.

Both the Galaxy S6 and Nexus 6 are being heavily rumored on many internet sites and tech forums, and rumors on both these phones are getting gadget freaks on the edge of their seats. It will be interesting to note which of these smartphones will turn out to be the users’ choice.


The Nexus 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 are expected to be quite different from one another- whereas the Galaxy S6 will be targeted to the elite users who are not willing to compromise on functionality, on the other side the Google Nexus 6 will be aimed at the higher-mid range of smartphones market, which have a delicate balance of performance and affordability. Other smartphones like Sony Xperia Z3 and Apple iPhone 6 will up their game, because these two giants will give them tough competition.


Wondering which phone to buy? Which of the two will best suit your needs and wants? Which is more affordable? The following comparison points will help you decide.

1. Camera– Expect the Galaxy S6 to come with a brilliant 20 MP shutter, with OIS capabilities. On the other front, the Nexus 6 will come with a decent 13 MP back camera. We believe that you should go for the Samsung Galaxy S6, for it will have a much better camera quality and better capturing interface with integrated editing features.

2. CPU/Processor– If rumors are to be believed, the Galaxy S6 will come equipped with the blazing fast 64 bit Exynos 6 processor, whereas the Nexus 6 will come with the equally zippy Snapdragon 800 CPU. In the processing department, we believe it will be a tie.

3. Security – For securely locking/unlocking the device and robust authorization, the Nexus 6 is expected to have a retina or iris scanner, which uses the unique iris pattern of your eye for securing the device. The Galaxy S6 on the other hand might include a fingerprint scanner on the home button, like the recent iPhones.

4. Screen – Both these devices will have amazing displays with deep colors. The Galaxy S6 is speculated to have a rich, 4K resolution 5.3 inch ultra HD display with curved screen, whereas the Nexus 6 could have a relatively modest 2K screen of a similar size. The Galaxy S6 wins on this front, hands down.

5. Price: As stated earlier on, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will not be a cheap device, and might come in at around $800(16 GB version) whereas the Google Nexus 6 will definitely be less costly than the S6, and will retail for around $400, for 16 GB variant.

So, which one is better- the Galaxy S6 or the Nexus 6? The answer to this is that it cannot be said which is better- it depends on the user’s priorities. If the user wants a relatively affordable device capable of speedy performance, the Google Nexus 6 is the way to go, whereas if the user does not mind shelling extra bucks for a premium device loaded with features and great looks, go for the Galaxy S6. Needless to say, whichever you decide to buy, both will be great, value-for-money devices.

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