Top 6 Specifications That Samsung Galaxy S5 is Expected To Feature

When Samsung released Galaxy S4, some people appreciated it. However, there are those who still felt that this device should have featured more specifications than it did.  Those specifications that were missed on the Galaxy are now being expected on Galaxy S5.  As such, everyone is burning with expectations, hoping that the Korean tech giant has listened to their woes. We are working on its infographic that will be published soon with all the rumored or expected specifications. This is said that a still pictures says thousand of words so It would be really amazing to paint your thoughts on the image.

  1. The plastic hardware

People had anticipated that Samsung would feature a better hardware in S4. However, they were shocked to find the same plastic hardware that makes their Smartphone look cheap.  As such, in the next release, it is hoped that a metallic hardware is featured. People have been speculating that it will be aluminum or a magnesium one. So we can imaging the better and improved hardware than first.

  1. Flexible screen

People have heard that other devices have features flexible and curved displays. As such, people also expect that Samsung will feature this in S5, since they were disappointed in the last release. The company may launch this phone in two display variants; 5inch and 6inch. The display would be protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 along with dust and water resistant.

  1. Wireless charging

People are tired of charging the Smartphone using a lot of effort such as connections to the power sources. Wireless charging may not be too much to expect from tech giants such as Samsung. But will it be featured in Samsung galaxy S5? Well, the truth will be revealed after the release of the device.

samsung Galaxy s5-spiderorbit

  1. Security sensors such as finger print scanners

There is a possibility that every device released in the future will have security scanners such the finger print scanners. This is to meet the demand of the consumer of having more privacy with their phones. While most of the Samsungs competitors are already releasing such devices, Samsung cannot afford to wait longer. They should hence feature this in their Galaxy S5.

  1. Better storage

Samsung has very nice devices that fail the test of allowing a lot of data to be stored. Therefore, the release of Galaxy S5 should be the beginning of a new era where people can have good internal storage capacities. It may come with 32 GB internal storage that would be expandable up to 64 GB or above.

  1. Better cameras

People have been searching for devices that could take images in lowly lit areas. Unfortunately, most of them do not feature such technologies. Could Samsung be waiting to surprise these consumers with the release of Galaxy S5? We can expect 13 MP camera along with 5 MP front camera.

The March 2014 release date of the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S5 is fast approaching. The rumors and speculations are filling the consumer market, most people wishing to have all that they ever needed features on the Smartphone. However, some of the expectations may be way too high for the manufacturers to offer in one device. However, there is no doubt that the release of Galaxy S5 will be revolutionary.

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