Why Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the Next Big Thing in the Era of Phablets

The Smartphones are now just like Oxygen for its users. They virtually can’t imagine their lives for even a single second without their geek lads. The devices can really big deal of tasks which takes a lot of time for us.

The smartphones can entertain us, pay the bills without getting us in a queue, shop for us while we’re getting cozier on our couch and many uncountable more. Now, give me a good reason that why should one stay away from their non demanding pal.

As the uses of the smartphones have gone bigger so as the size of their screens. People don’t really mind these days to use a big sized phone which even doesn’t fit into their pockets or hands. They love the big screen as it provides them a much elaborated view of apps and every work they are doing with it.


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Now, the talk of smartphones can’t be completed without the Samsung ingredient. The Samsung’s cut the old phone price when new is launched has paid it and it has become the most selling brand of the world.

The latest Galaxy S5 launch also added some values to its brand name and the  new Galaxy Note 4 is already on the radar of the fans and critics. The Galaxy Note series is one of the best among the phablet phones and Note 4 has huge expectations on it.

Now, being a critic I won’t be really telling you all the good things about the Note 4 but, letting you know all it has to improve being an expectation holder in phablet era.

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The first thing which seriously needs a deep thought from Samsung is its looks. The condition has become so worse that every phone of Samsung irrespective of its price looks same. Now, why should I spend hundreds of dollars for a phone, which a second person can purchase in very cheap price? After all, looks is the first thing which matters. What’d you say?


Since the first time I use the Samsung, I was quite shocked with the camera quality. I thought that the Samsung is the best brand and will have a better camera lens, but I was wrong, it was way far behind from the likes of Sony and HTC, can’t even talk about Apple.

Though, the Note 3 and now the Galaxy S5 has some decent lens to talk about, but, still the Note 4 has to go beyond the limits if the company is looking to earn money on a large scale.

The Plastic

I don’t have even a single piece of hint that why Samsung uses the plastic to manufacture the body. We’re paying enough for its phones to get some decent material on our hand. Aren’t we?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be back foot if they’ll go with the plastic again because the users desperately looking for a change for the sake of their trust in the brand.

Wrap Up

The Galaxy Note 4 will surely act a game changer for the Samsung but, if Samsung doesn’t complies the above modifications, then the time is not too far when the company will become a memory and the worst performer.

The Galaxy Note 4 is surely the biggest bet of the Samsung in the phablet era for the Samsung and I guess the world’s best company will do the justice with the trust of people across the globe.

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