Reasons Why Everyday Studying Is More Effective

Exams are a difficult time for every student. With the academic year 2017-18’s final exams approaching, students must be even more cautious about the time they spend on and off the books. We all have tried a variety of studying techniques to find out which one works the best for us. But there is one technique which can be called as the most effective when compared along with the others methods, day to day learning. Let us look at some of the reasons why day to day learning is more effective than the other learning techniques, proving to be more effective when learning difficult topics like chemical bonding, electrochemistry and more.

  • Attention span & Discipline : Daily studying hours helps you to increase your concentration span. Studying daily also helps us to be more aware of the topics we are taught in class. Keeping up to date on the topics taught everyday helps you stay focused and able to grasp the topics in the upcoming days much easier. This will help you to clear your doubts then and there instead of letting them pile up and create a mountain of ambiguities. A routine helps you to stay away from anxiety as the number of doubts or queries you may withhold will be minimal or close to zero. Not having a routine will only cause you to have a heavier workload weighing you down the next day.


  • Reduced stress : The routine study technique helps to employ a study pattern wherein the day by day topics are covered regularly. This helps to ensure that the complete syllabus gets covered with ease, leaving enough time for multiple revisions.


  • Clearer Understanding : As every day a new topic is learned, there is no point going through to the next one without learning the previous concept properly. Thus creating a need to clear doubts as they come, leaving no gap for uncertainties. Instead of learning everything on the last week before the exam, the topics of the curriculum are learned and updated regularly. This ensures a thorough understanding of the syllabus.


  • Keeping Procrastination at bay : We have all had that thought in our heads wherein we say to ourselves that I’ll study that topic tomorrow. One among the many lies that we tell ourselves. Skip that habit, learn it now. This will help you to complete your subject on time.


  • Handling interruptions : Interruptions are inevitable but dealing with them is something you should know how to. Prioritize your time and activities. Let your family know your study routine. If they know your studying, then they are less likely to interrupt you.


  • Health : Spending ridiculous times in front of the book isn’t what this method means. Unreasonable study hours can only do more harm than help. Ensuring that you are in optimal mental and physical health is a major priority. A peaceful and happy mind will do better for an exam than one under stress and concerns.


Thus, here we have seen some of the many advantages that justify why everyday routine learning is best. For maximum grasping and memory requirements, routine learning is the best option. To learn more about tips and tricks to help you in the way you learn difficult topics like the Periodic Table and more, check out this

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