5 Reasons Why You Need A Simple Logo Design

Every entrepreneur wants a unique logo for their company that will help perfect their branding. Many small companies end up with logos sporting a complex design because of their lack of expertise in this field. Most businesses waste money and resources pursuing an intricate logo design.

However, ask a logo designers, and you will learn that they tend to prefer something that is simple, yet unique. There is one thing that is common in all famous logos—clarity in message. And clarity can only be achieved when your logo design is simple. Whether you’re going for logo making software online or hiring designers for the same, make sure your logo is simple and easy to recall.

Typical logo design clients tend to favour complexity over simplicity, creating more work for the designer on the job, and perhaps even reflecting as higher costs! If you’re looking for a logo design, then it it’s important for you to know how having a simple logo can help your business.

Communicates Your Ideals

A logo is like the face of your company and so, it should relate to the target audience you are selling to or your business name. Many entrepreneurs approach design without keeping this in mind. Remember, your company logo needs to convey the right message to your audience. Contemporary logo designs have swooshes, tribal art etc. and these have no relation to the company brand identity. This is the reason why these logos fail to make an impression and are not taken seriously.

Consider logos of big brands. Their logos project a sense of constancy and strength. Take the example of the Volkswagen logo. It has a simple design and consists of the letter V on top of W inside a blue circle. There is nothing complex about this design and yet people can easily relate to it. The design has been modified over time. However, the basic design has remained the same, leading to brand recall across generations of automobile enthusiasts.

The Volkswagen Logo

Clarity Of Message

A complex logo is difficult for your customers to understand. Customers feel more connected to a logo, when they can decipher it easily. When you launch your logo, customers might be able to associate the logo with your brand. However, if they are uncertain about the design of the logo, you would be playing with your brand’s identity. It always helps to have a simple logo which is targeted and conveys a clear message.

Amazon’s logo conveys their dedication to customer satisfaction and large product range

Easy Identification

Your customers will be able easily identify your logo, only when the design is simple. Simple logos usually have fewer colors and detailing. This not only makes it easier for your customers to remember them, but it also makes it difficult for your competitors to copy it blatantly.

Consistent Through All Media

One of the most important reasons to use a simple logo is because simple logos easily adapt to various media. For example, it’s okay to have complex logo design on your e-commerce website.

However, what if you decide to send customised gifts or calendars to your clients. The printed version of the logo might not look exactly the same.

Apple has a very simple logo powered by a very strong brand identity that seamlessly integrates with their entire product line.

Apple has a simple logo that works well for their iPods and iMacs!

Immediate Recognition

As already said above, simple logos are more memorable. Think about the logos of Apple or Nike. By merely seeing their logo, you can easily recall the company names.

Likewise, company logos are more memorable when they have simple logo design.

Customers will always find it easier to recall your company and your products or services too.

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