Ordering Online Vs. Ordering By Phone: A Comparison

It has long been common for people to have the menu cards of their favorite restaurants at their disposal and to give the restaurants a phone call to place their orders. However, since the internet took e-commerce by storm, there has been a new way of ordering food: online. This gives customers a choice as to which ordering method to choose. This article gives you a thorough comparison of both ways.

Ordering By Phone: The Pros and Cons

Ordering by phone is a common and established method for getting food delivered. The process is simple: You simply call up the restaurant you wish to order from and ask for the items of your choice to be delivered to your doorstep. However, there are a few things that hamper choices and alternatives of customers.

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1.      Menu and Contacts Required

If you do not have the menu card and the contact details of the restaurant handy, you cannot order online. And while it is common practice for a lot of customers to keep the above required document handy, it is not always available. More importantly, menus and prices constantly change and while ordering food from a restaurant after a certain period of time, people tend to have problems with the updates.

 2.      Restricted Ordering

You can only order from those restaurants of which you have the contacts. That is to say, there is no wide range of choices of restaurants you can select from. Most often, people end up ordering from the same restaurant again and again even though they are not satisfied with the service.

 3.      No Documented Order and Transaction

Any order placed by phone is always taken by the word of mouth. Therefore, if a restaurant were to take an order and not process it within a reasonable amount of time, there is no way for you to get back at them. Also, the money paid in most situations does not accompany a receipt or a record of transaction. Therefore, if one were to be not satisfied by the delivery, one cannot press charges against the restaurant.

Why Order food Online

Ordering online helps you get over each of these problems with ease. When you go to websites such as foodpanda.in, which act as third party suppliers of restaurant food city-wide, you are presented with a vast choice of restaurants from which you can take your pick. Therefore, there is no need for you to have access to the contacts or menus of the restaurants directly. You can order food from any restaurant in the process of which you would be presented with the food options right in the website.

The second benefit is that your order is secured within your user ID, as well as the payment decided upon right in the e-payment gateway of the website. Therefore, if any problems were to occur during the ordering and delivery, the website would have responsibility over the entire thing and you would get the refund that you deserve.

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