Nokia X, X+, XL: Nokia Launched Android Based Smartphones with Dual SIM

Finnish Company Nokia unveiled a series of three Android phones at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. All devices are Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL – run on a new Nokia X platform, which is based on Google’s Android.

The new X series cannot be said pure Android phone. The new X, OS is made with the combination of Asha and android OS to give unique user experience.

Nokia X and X+ are low budget dual core phones, which come with 4 inch touch screen display with 480×800 pixel resolution. On the other side, Nokia XL is also a dual core phone, but sports 5 inch IPS LCD display with 480×800 pixel resolution.


All X series handsets, Nokia X, X+ and XL come with dual SIM support and powered by 8225 Qualcomm Snapdragon 1 GHz Dual Cor processor.

 Both Nokia X and X+ phones are packed with 3 Megapixel rear camera with fixed focus, while Nokia XL has 5 Megapixel autofocus rear camera with flash and 2 Megapixel front facing camera too.

Nokia X has 512 MB RAM with 4 GB internal storage, which is expandable up to 32 GB, while Nokia X+ and XL have 768 MB of RAM along with 32 GB micro SD support.

Nokia X and X+ has been packed with a 1500mAh medium capacity battery whereas Nokia XL has been packed with a 2000mAh powerful battery.

The Nokia X price would be 89 Euros (Rs 7,500 Approx.) and expected to available soon in Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and India.

On the other side, Nokia X+ and XL are expected to available in the 2nd quarter of the year with the respective prices of 99 Euros and 109 Euros.

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According to the Finnish company, nokia X users can access this modified version of android, but cannot directly open Google Play Store for downloading applications. All android apps will be available on the new Nokia X platform, which is based on Android Open Source project (AOSP).

If we talk about extra feature of these phones, then all handsets come with free access to Nokia Here maps with offline maps and  integrated navigation, and Mix Radio for free music. All X series Smartphones come with third party preloaded apps and games including BBM, Plants vs Zombies 2, Viber, Vine and Twitter. .

Nokia X, X+ and XL come with a free cloud storage feature from Microsoft’s One Drive. The handsets will be available in bright, red, cyan, yellow, black and white colors.



Generally, for the same low price you can buy smart phones on a regular Android. From the point of view of hardware, many of them will be exactly the same as the phones Nokia, and maybe better, but most importantly – they will be the usual Android, much more sane, more open, with great potential in the end.

Basically, Android based Nokia phones are not so bad. Given the prices of most of their shortcomings would be easy to close your eyes. But there are two of these that are hard to forgive even very cheap cell phones. Firstly, it is an operating system that spoils the user experience. Secondly, just disgusting glass that covers the display.


In addition to this, not all applications will work properly on the Nokia X Software Platform. Normal – means to perform all the functions that they must fulfill. The problem is that Google’s services have given way applications Nokia, and not all programs are ready to put up with it. That is, rather like this: not all programs at all aware that it is possible – they expect to find the usual Maps, Hangouts, or any “Contact Us” where they do not exist.

Perhaps if Nokia got rid of at least one of these two shortcomings, the new devices would be very good prospects. Cheap and pretty decent Android smartphones from one of the most well-known manufacturers, original design, – is not the key to success. But the Finns put in a barrel of honey just two fly in the ointment, and eventually the whole product is spoiled so that you can either buy it from some fantastic love the brand Nokia, either by mistake.

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