Nod ‘Bluetooth-Enabled’ Gesture Ring: Now Control All Gadgets (TV, Computers, Smartphone) with Your Finger

While the new devices are struggling for making their position in the market, a new gesture control device comes up, namely Nod ring. The Nod ring is Bluetooth enabled gadget, which can control your Android devices, Computer, Smart TV and other devices through a wave of your hand. It is the first gesture based devices from the industry and never discussed before, but the future for gesture control device seems endless.

Nod labs brought world’s first wearable device in the form of ring, which is available for pre-order at $149. Simply by sliding the device on top of the finger, the user must replicate the swipes and mouse movements through a wave of the hand.

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Touch and gesture control have already made its existence in some electronic gadgets but Nod ring is different and unique concept of the company. For example, you can use Wii remote to manage a Wii or easily interact with Xbox One with the Kinect.

Nod Labs hopes that the ring will be new uprising in the technology, and the company will launch soon more variety of gesture based products.

Nod is getting full support in both hardware and software from big tech companies like Apple, Google, jawbone, Samsung and many more. Nod has funding from Menlo Ventures, Sequoia capital and few others.

The ring is made with a metal frame around inside (for all day relieve) and a transmission responsive plastic outer case, which is waterproof also up to 5 ATM. The device comes with charging support as a ring holder that is available in 12 different sizes. It gives full day of regular usage connected to device through Bluetooth LE.

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The CEO of Nod Labs commented that the tracking gesture was not an easy task and it became more challenging while we had to make sure that it works on repeated basis of everyday setting for daily users. This is a lesson that has been tough for companies and breaks new device adoption. Even big companies like Samsung also failed to integrate gesture control system into their mobile phones.

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“We wanted to give new experience to the techno geeks and wanted to solve the most complex thing in gestures, which means we planned to go higher than gimmicks.” he said. “We desired people to be able to perfectly express themselves.”

Really the ring is an awesome gadget from the company and you can get it in $149 via shipping order. The Nod ring will create new user experience which has not seen yet and building something that is practical.

Final Words :

Fight of fancy creators of mobile technology is not limited to smart watch, and now we are seeing such a beast as a clever ring – Smarty Ring. It connects to your smartphone using the technology of Bluetooth, and allows you to control various aspects of the functioning of the basic gadget. The vast majority of modern people are likely to react to such a gadget with a such a slight skeptical interest.

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