New MacBook Air (2014)Review : An Exceptional Innovation from Apple for Tech Geeks

Nobody imagined the future for MacBook Air when Steve Jobs launched it in 2008. The laptop was made available about $2000 with no DVD drive, a small amount of storage, an underpowered processor and some usual ports. The Mac Book Air got slim look which was the main feature of device.

That idea turned out the future of laptops. Almost 6 years later, from tapered aluminum body to compact size, everything has been copied by mostly laptop manufacturers.

Apple launched upgraded version of MacBook Air and it features marginal difference between previous and newest model, the processor transformed from 1.3 GHz to 1.4GHz. However the price is also slashed up to £100 for this new model.

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The device has 1.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 (Turbo Boost up to 2.7GHz) processor with 3MB shared L3 cache. In fact there is no huge difference in performance compared to latest previous model but it seems slightly faster. The processor has been coupled with the baseline 4GB of RAM, which can run a large 2nd monitor too through photo editing and basic video editing softwares.

The MacBook Air is available in two variants; 11.6 inch and 13.3 inch (diagonal) LED backlid glossy widescreen display with support for millions of colors. We have shown supported resolutions in below table. The both versions of laptop come with 128 GB of on-board storage.

The device got same unmatched trackpad response, comfy backlit keyboard and robust aluminum body. The 11 inch version is priced at $899 and offers battery backup up to 9 hours. If you want more extraordinary features with larger screen then I would prefer for buying 13 inch version of it, which comes with keyboard real estate, an SD card slot and 12 hours of battery backup. You will have to pay $999 for this enhanced device. If you want to make double the RAM to 8 GB and storage to 256 GB, the total price is still $1,299.

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The new MacBook Air is available for sale on Apple’s online site and big stores as well as others retailers.

The reason for the upgrade of Apple computers in recent years is the issue of the new Intel processors. These updates are different in one case can be replaced only by the processor. In the second case, the chip increased 20-30% of the performance, and at the same time mentioned that the battery life is now made even a couple of hours longer.

However, we have little disingenuous. Apple corrected the one more point, it increases the attractiveness of the MacBook Air.

Soft and loud bass, qualitative study of “middle”, clear high frequencies, MacBook Air cannot boast. Yes, and no one can – too small speakers in thin laptops. But in general, for such a compact computer sound quality is decent.


Everyone loves the notorious “retina”, which has been there a couple of years in the MacBook Pro. And if at first its absence in the Air nobody upset because novelty and elitism older model, it is now ultra-sharp screens are becoming mainstream. And it is here that Apple is somehow delayed. Some manufacturers have already released a 13.3-inch ultrabook with a resolution of 2560×1440 and even 3200h1800 points, and the 11.6-inch product with Full HD (1920×1080) is not uncommon. Another thing is that the latest Windows 8.1 Update and other software still do not cope well with the scaling of standard applications.

Just for fun, we had a couple of tests of new MacBook Air. More precisely, one of them – all the same to “iron” part, they are identical, and because the difference in speed will not be even compared with last generation.


Indeed, the test in Photoshop CS6 was passed in 36.5 seconds, while the 2013 model also copes with it much more slowly – as much as 37.8 seconds.

If you are planning to buy an excellent performance laptop for personal use, then I would say for Apple MacBook Air. The device will never desperate you in quality, performance and price. In my words, I have not seen such a great configured laptop with stylish slim look in this price range. I assure that if you buy it, then you don’t need to think for several years for another laptop.

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