Naked Determination – A Soulful Read

Naked Determination comprises of 41 short stories is all set to make you more focused, more determined and highly motivated that nobody can stop you to achieve what you deserve. It is a memoir where the author has not only told stories about her life but also what can be learned from them.

41 short Stories are written in the way that their impact last longer. This book is an autobiography of author’s life which teaches fearless living and how the author struggled in life but irrespective of that made it worth a ride. A beautiful lesson worth remembrance at end of each story adds glory to its reader’s lives.

The book starts from her childhood where she was as determined as she became during her adulthood. She gives an unbiased review of her life and what she did in certain situations. It has no veil of fiction surrounding the book but the zeal for life and determination to succeed and make it through, can be seen in the book.



The author has done a great job with the book and made it for light hearted read and also most of the self-help books are preachy in nature but this book gives you a perceptive of what you can do in a certain situation. Also there are various pictures of the places Gisela has travelled and also that of the people she has met or worked with.

Gisela Haussmann is an award-winning author, an adventurer, well-known blogger, globe-trotter and an expert in overcoming fear. She is the one who believes in living life with courage and also aims to inspire same. This is her way of making an impact and also how to improve someone’s life without preaching but with life lessons.

This book is available online on,, and all other reputed e-book stores.

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