mLearning – Delivering Enhanced Learning Experiences To Students

If we look at the tech space it is constantly evolving. Every now and then you will find new innovations being launched in the market across different verticals or industries. However, thanks to the developments in the tech space we are witnessing huge disruptions in the education space. Emerging technologies like virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence (AI), are already being adopted by educators and they are integrating these techs into their education system. Alternatively, common tech innovations like smartphones and apps are further being used by many to deliver enhanced learning experiences to the learners.

Against such a backdrop, if you closely observe the current education space, mobile learning or mLearning is becoming an important part of the teaching strategy in many institutions and coaching institutes. The primary reason could be that, mobile devices are practically owned by the majority of the learners and these devices have become the go-to devices for many things. At the same time, educators want to stay relevant and they want to offer the optimal form of learning to the students. Therefore, mLearning today is being considered as the right medium for delivering learning materials to the students. Besides, mLearning is helping the digital age students to consume information faster and in a more engaging manner.

Having said that, in this article, we will discuss how mLearning is changing the way students learn and how educational content is being delivered through this medium.

Flexible Learning Module

mLearning offers a flexible learning module where learners can study from anywhere and at any time. Further, this form of learning offers self-paced learning where students can set their own pace and time to learn a particular topic or subject. Here, students can further easily access study materials from the comfort of their homes directly on their devices. This can be really helpful if students are preparing for exams, especially competitive ones like IIT JEE Main, IAS, etc. They will have instant access to knowledge and study productively.

Support For Multiple Devices 

One of the greatest advantages of mLearning is that it offers multi-device support. The course and content are basically designed in such a way that it supports many devices like smartphones, tablets and PCs. In essence, learning is streamlined where students can access the prescribed content or study materials be it books, notes, solutions from several devices. mLearning also offers study materials in different formats like videos, animations, interactive games or podcasts which can help students study more effectively.

Engaging Learning Experience Through Apps

Apart from creating content that can be easily consumed on different mobile devices, in mLearning students can also make use of different educational apps. These apps can be easily downloaded and installed on their phones. Furthermore, students can learn more competently with these apps as they will gain access to a wide variety of study materials including animations, PDFs, videos, quizzes and games, podcasts, etc.

Collaborative Learning

mLearning facilitates better student engagement. Students can use their mobile devices to connect to the internet and they can join different learning communities and discussion forums. Here they can engage in collaborative studies which lead to increased productivity, generation of new ideas and a better understanding of certain topics and concepts. Students can also discuss and learn about study materials like best chemistry book for IIT JEE or best practice book for maths which they can refer to.

Well Written Content 

The content that is found in mLearning is usually concise and crisp. What this means is that learners can cover the whole syllabus quickly and focus on studying other materials. This will help students to avoid wasting their valuable time.

Going forward, mobile learning or mLearning will provide better opportunities and rewarding learning experience to students.

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