Microsoft Xbox One specs, release date and price

Microsoft unveiled the price of Xbox One. The console costs £429 in the UK, which is more costly than Sony PS4. Microsoft has developed a device, which is not simply a flexible and incredible gaming hardware, but it is eight times more powerful than the earlier launched devices. Xbox One is capable of running huge number of application and games because of its dedicated operating system. Microsoft has launched Xbox One with Kinect. Kinect enables the users to play controller free gaming and responds to your body moves, whereas Sony will not provide this type of camera accessory with the PS4.

The controller on Xbox One is more comfortable, and the device offers A, B, X and Y buttons, bumper and triggers buttons. Its controlling features include vibration, immediate response and more that makes gaming more impressive.

Xbox One Price: £429

Xbox One

Xbox One Specs and Features

  • Xbox One has a unique half glossy and a half-matte external look. It consists of a 500 GB internal hard disk storage capacity, Blu-ray optical drive etc.
  • It is powered by an x86 APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) and is based on AMD Jaguar processor. An 8 core x86 processor enables the user to easily switch over from a game to his favorite entertainment applications.
  • The Xbox One also includes an 8 GB DDR3 RAM memory having a 68.3 GB/s bandwidth, along with a 32 MB ESRAM. It contains huge space for storing your games, apps, music, demos, movies and much more.
  • The Xbox One is the perfect match of performance and power. In addition to this, the GPU, ESRAM and CPU are combined in such a way that you will experience of owning a super computer in your room.
  • This device features amazing voice control including language control, wake on voice and speech to text.
  • The GPU speed is 800 MHz and it supports Ethernet, Bluetooth and a lot more.
  • Xbox One offers a great user interface and makes video sharing process an easy one.
  • The Xbox One consists of a huge array of games for the users.
  • The Xbox One consists of a HDMI Pass- Thru. You simply have to connect your Xbox One to your satellite box or cable and arrange for lift off. The HDMI Pass- Thru allows the user to see TV through Xbox.
  • The Blu-ray optical drive enables the user to play games and watch movies in mesmerizing HD quality with the help of the Blu-ray player.

If we analysis above description and compare with Sony PS4, then we will find Xbox One much better than PS4. The game is especially designed for next generation gaming lovers that performs very well and gives unique user experience. If you are fanatic of gaming and thinking to bring a device at your home, then I would suggest only for Microsoft Xbox One.

Final Words

Considering the above description, we can safely define a new Xbox, of course, was a success. Yes, it is not without flaws, and it’s not “new generation” in the full sense of the word but it is very true evolution, a regular and consistent. One, as the PS4 before it, shows a great base to build long-term projects and the development of the social dimension. But it is that the base – the clincher will still play.
A truly “new generation” of digital entertainment, it may become a virtual reality from Oculus Rift and the like – but it is, as they say, is another story.

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