Microsoft Xbox One Media Remote Comes in March for $25

Microsoft, which announcing the next-generation console Xbox One, continued emphasis on the fact that the console can be replaced in the house all multimedia devices. That is why the company is trying to do everything to promote the Xbox One not only as a game console. The company announced remote control – Xbox One Media Remote, which will go on sale in March, will allow to easily managing media content played back on your Xbox One.

Really, It may be a big news for Xbox One lovers that Xbox One Media Remote is going to be launched in March for $25. One Media Remote will be very supportive device for the users who want to control TV and Game from the same position at one touch click. The gadget controller will be released worldwide in March 2014.


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Also on the panel will be to find the button OneGuide, which translates from the gaming console mode to the TV menu, which displays a list of potentially interesting programs going in streaming mode. Next-generation console with remote control really claim to be the universal media device, which is everything you need for recreation and entertainment.

Xbox One Media Remote allows users to control Blueray videos on Xbox One. The One Guide button on the remote offers one touch access to movies, TV shows and favorite programs via program guide. So we can say, a simple but powerful remote is available now from Microsoft Xbox to help you watch, listen and other experience.

The One Media Remote has sleek, soft and stylish design that fits in your hand perfectly. The remote can control TV/Receiver power and sound via Kinect, that using IR blasting to send signals to your TV and /or receiver. Just configure your Xbox One media remote to your TV sets to control it. The most important feature of the remote is its backlit buttons that illuminates the area when you are playing games or watching movies in the darkest area of the room. So be ready to pick up the remote to gain unique user experience of Xbox gaming. Really the device is very easy to use for everyone. The Xbox One Media remote is expected to retail for $24.99 ERP in US and available in stores worldwide.

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Features of Xbox One Media Remote

  • The Xbox One media remote can be set up easily without any hassles. Just insert the batteries to the remote and it will be all set for use. You can instantly control the streaming videos, Blu-ray movies, OneGuide and other apps.
  • The Xbox One Media Remote makes use of Infrared (IR) technology to communicate with your devices effectively. Make sure that you are within a range of 9 meters so as to make use of this remote.
  • It is matte black in color and the supple silicone finish makes it easy to hold the remote.
  • To get the latest updates, you have to sign up to Xbox Live. In addition you also require an internet connection for updates and ISP charges are applicable.
  • The Xbox One Media Remote comes with two AAA alkaline batteries, user guide and manual.

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