Microsoft Introduces NFL App for Xbox One & Windows 8

Are you really excited for new NFL App?

NFL season is very near, and Microsoft has started working hard on NFL App to enhance its user experience for football lovers on the Xbox one. The football fans have expected to be available this app by the Week 1; as opposed to last year, when the company demonstrated it in Week 12 due to timing of Xbox One’s launch. This time, several new features can be seen with fantasy football and NFL now. The league’s upcoming online video service is playing a vital role in the refreshed version. In comparison to last year, the app lets you to personalize the features and content from team to track. With DirectTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket now available on consoles, smartphones and computers, Microsoft’s NFL App can be one of the biggest potential Football app and fans or users can be stay up to date throughout live action.

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The users can personalize different media provided by NFL Network, NFL Sunday Ticket, NFL RedZone, and of course, NFL now.
Xbox One allows you to quick access to ton of stuff including game highlight videos, recent events and the ability to personalize the team and their players. The spokesperson told to SpiderOrbit that Microsoft constantly working to add more features and services. Really, NFL app is awesome, allowing the users to track Football Fantasy stats, even the users are playing game or watching NFL match.

SpiderOrbit got the breaking news and it might be a big surprise for windows devices users. A very same app is also coming soon for Windows 8 gadgets. However, platform variations depend here. Xbox 360 users can expect related functionalities which already exist—although it’s going to be the addition of NFL Now.

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Microsoft has promised that the updated NFL app will be available on the right time and not will be delay like previous occurrence.
The fans will able to get full advantage of it when the device will be hooked up with large screen. The app is the latest output from the NFL and Microsoft’s $400 million, multi-year partnership. You will not have to buy Xbox for using this app because it will be the universal app soon on the console which mean the same app will run on both Xbox Ones and Windows.

According to SpiderOrbit, the app will hit the market soon with unbelievable features. You will be able to see all the scenario in your room without going anywhere or calling to friends. All the stats related to football will be available for you on one click only. You don’ t need to read the instructions to use this app as the company made it very user friendly and intuitive. So be ready for NFL 2014 and of course for updated NFL app.

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