Marketing and Call Tracking : How You Can Improve Your Marketing Efforts

For months now, you’ve been struggling with your business’ marketing. No matter how much you try, the number of your customer base is not increasing. The customers you’ve been working with since you started are also the same people you’re doing business now. You always end up paying for too many marketing resources without getting anything in return. If you really want to improve your business’ marketing efforts, you should consider call tracking. With this technology, you can do more with your marketing while spending your resources on things that actually matter for your business.

What Is Call Tracking?

Since you’re still starting to make a name in the business world, it’s typical that you’ll use all marketing mediums available. You’ll market your products and services on different social media platforms, websites and in different physical locations. However, because of the number of the marketing efforts you’ve put up, it’s tough to pinpoint which of these work and which don’t – this is when call tracking is important.

Call tracking allows you to assign unique phone numbers in each of your marketing mediums so you can determine which ones bring in the most number of customers. For example, you can use a unique toll number on your website and another in your social media accounts. When customers call to purchase from you, you’ll know which number they used.

How Can Call Tracking Improve Your Marketing Efforts?

If you want for your marketing to improve, you should consider using call tracking for your business. This concept is important because it can help with your marketing decisions and save you a lot of your business’ resources. To drive the point home, here are some ways call tracking can improve your marketing efforts:


  1. You can track your ROI: This is one of the most obvious reasons why you need call tracking in your business. Since call tracking allows you to assign unique phone numbers in each of your marketing ads, you can determine which among these produce a profit. And when you have this data, it’ll be easier for you to know which you should continually pay for and which avenues to stop working with.
  1. It can improve call forwarding: Your customers have different concerns about your products and services. This is the reason why you trained your employees to handle specific problems. When you use a call tracking software, you can forward a customer’s concerns to the employee who has adequate knowledge of the subject matter. This will prevent your business from having any frustrated customers.
  1. You can determine peak call hours: When you have a call tracking software, you can have access to your customers’ information. And some of this information is when they actually call your customer care hotline. With information like this, you can assign the appropriate number of employees during a specific time frame. For example, if you concluded that most of your customers are calling around 6PM-8PM during weekends, you can assign your employees to work during this time. This is one way of ensuring that all of your customers’ concerns are taken care of and that your employees are doing something during their working hours.


  1. It helps target your marketing: A call tracking software also allows you to know which areas your customers are calling from. This data is crucial in your marketing decisions so you’ll know where you should focus your marketing efforts. For example, if you have noted that you don’t have any customers calling from location A, then you can allot more ads in this area so your business can gain more customers here. You can streamline which locations you should focus your marketing efforts.
  1. It can give you valuable information: With a call tracking software, you can also record incoming calls. And when you’re a business owner, you should consider call recordings as a landmine of information. With call recordings, you can determine what problems most of your customers are complaining about. You can also assess how your employees are doing in terms of their customer service. This kind of information will allow you to make important business decisions in the future.

If you’re interested to know more about call tracking and how it can benefit your business, you can use Fone Dynamics as one of your references.

In Conclusion

When you’re a neophyte in the business arena, expect that things will never be easy. For one, there are already established businesses who’ve been operating for years, long before you even existed. And it’s safe to assume that these businesses are already known to the public. This might be a fact, but this should not stop you from reaching your business’ goals. There are several techniques on how you can level up the playing field and using call tracking for your business is one way of doing it. Take the time to know about call tracking, gradually apply these in your business, and for sure, you’ll be able to achieve business growth and success!


John Taylor

John is a long-time professional with over two decades of experience in analytics and communications technology. He works as the Senior Data Analyst at Fone Dynamics, a leader in call tracking, voice, and SMS communication. When John steps out of the office, he loves to spend time with his family and bike riding.

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