Love above Everything: Review of Love is Vodka by Amit Shankar

Let there be love is the mantra that prevails in this novel. Love of all variety, love between a mother and a daughter, love between a girl and boy, love between a daughter and father. All the relations have one thread that is common, Moon, the protagonist.

The starting of the novel is promising as she talks about herself and how she is a love child of a French father and an Indian Mother. Soon the story shifts to her internship with a company. Here she meets two of the people she will fall in love. Moon tries to balance her career, her friendship and the guys who keep coming and going in her life.

During this, she becomes a model. The story goes on and on about the people Moon meets and the amount of likes she gets on Facebook. This seems like a regular teenage drama and the books we read by teenagers who are high on hormones and all they see is love and also the opposite sex. Saying this, Amit Shankar has done a good job writing the character of Moon. At no time you will feel that she is not written by a woman or that this not what woman does.

love is vodka-spiderorbit

love is vodka-spiderorbit

This is the highlight of the novel, the protagonist. The rest is all a mess or mesh of boys entering her life, making her feel loved or one sided love and then moving on. There is no one character of a guy that stood out apart from The Devil. He too had limited space and left you bereft of much indulgence.

The climax of the story makes you want to ask the author why this! It is all of a sudden and feels predictable. I am no big writer or anyone but it could have taken a different turn. Even if the author wanted to give a happy ending, why not make it a proper happy ending. Not to divulge much about the book, it could have been better. Read the book for its humour, sometimes relatable incidences and for a few lines that touch you.

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