How to Hide ‘Last Seen’ Time on WhatsApp for Android, iPhone, Windows and Blackberry

WhatsApp is fantastic instant messaging app, but its last seen notification below profile name irritates every one. After being sold in $19 billion by Facebook, last seen disable feature has been added in this app now.

You can easily hide last seen notification from your profile not to show your friends, that when you used your WhatsApp last time.

‘Voice calling feature’ is also being expected to launch soon from WhatsApp and now you will not have to install any other app for voice calling. If it happens, then WhatsApp will be most successful app of all time and we are sure that it would be able to do your all works.


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How to Hide’ WhatsApp Last Seen’ on Android

  1. You need to Download Not Last Seen app .
  2. Now launch the app and there will be seen three options-Block Last Seen, Block Last Seen at Boot Phone and Always Recover Wi-Fi.
  3. Turn on  ‘Block Last Seen’.

WhatsApp-block-last-seen on Android-spiderorbit

4.  When the app does not get updated and  first option does not work, then turn on second option ‘ Block Last Seen at Boot Phone’ too.

block-last-seen-at-boot-phone-option-in-not-last-seen-app-for-android-spiderorbit 5. If your Wi-Fi Internet connection does not start automatically after leaving the app, then turn on third option ‘Always Recover Wi-Fi’.



How to Hide ‘WhatsApp Last Seen Time’ on iPhone

If you want to hide last seen time on IOS, then It is much easier than Android. WhatsApp for iPhone comes with default ‘Hide last Seen’ feature, which lets you to hide last seen time without downloading any app. Here is a simple procedure for applying last seen time setting.

  1. After launching WhatsApp, Go to ‘Setting’.
  2. Now ‘Advanced’.
  3. At last, ‘Last Seen  Timestamp’ and then turn it off.

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How to Hide ‘whatsapp last seen’ on Windows and Nokia mobile

The company has not made an app available yet for windows and Nokia Lumia phones. We tried to find an app to help you but got all spam applications. You will have to wait for this, If you are using Nokia or any window device


How to Disable ‘Last Seen Time’ on BlackBerry

We  tried to find so much “Last Seen Time on BlackBerry’ app, but there was no result of this. BlackBerry phone users will have to wait to get an update regarding hide last seen time.


To block Users to contact you !

To block users to contact you, click the Chat Settings”, then Block”. You‘ll see a list of contacts that have blocked the bottom. Blocked contacts see your status, it’s not your “last seen” timestamp or availability online, and they will not be able to send you messages. To know whether someone has blocked you, click here.

block the contacts-spiderorbit

To turn off the last seen” label, click Chat Settings” and then click on the box next to the Post Timestamp“. This means that other users will not know the last time you signed.

We have defined the procedure to hide the last seen time on WhatsApp. It’s not big task, you can do it easily by following the above steps. If you find any issue while doing this, then can contact us by e-mail or comments. We will try to resolve your issue.

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