KissMS App : A Valentine’s Day Gift ‘Kiss When You Miss’

Have you got tired or bored sending simple text smiling and kissing messages to loved ones?

If yes, then Volmacht Business Solutions brought a ‘KissMS app’, which allows users to send the real one kisses, hugs and bouquets to their families, lovers and friends.

The Valentine’s Day has reached the world of smart phone applications as well.

 The technology company VBS offered a new way to spread love on Valentine’s day. Mr. Badusha Gulam Khader, the CEO of VBS said that the app will make you feel more intimate during sending or receiving kisses.

There are different kind of kisses options available like Good Morning Kiss, New year Kiss, Christmas Kiss, miss you kiss, love you kiss, get well soon kiss and birthday kisses. The user can send kisses sms according to their mood or purpose. If the user wants to reject or accept kisses, then he has also choices of punches, hugs, bouquets and rings.

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The app is capable to send a 10 seconds long voice message also along with kissMS message. The voice message span is too short, so that the other user could receive KissMS message faster.

The app developers said, that KissMS is not like a common app. The app is the way to bring happiness in your life using these symbols of love and A kiss means a lot.

The users can simply register for this app using their email id. It will allow the users to use app on multiple devices without interruption using the same account. The phone contacts with a listed email address will be synced in the KissMS app contact list.

 The app comes with safeguard privacy feature and the user can’t place a kiss on the other users’ face, until they grant permission. KissMS app offers the complete privacy and security with passcode protection.

The application runs on IOS and android platforms and might be launched soon for other operating systems too.

The app comes with distance counter and duration counter features. The distance counter measures traveling distance of a kissMS and tells in miles. The Duration counter counts the time, the user have been contact with the screen.

In this valentine season we got two loving apps. Recently, a software developer Greg Knauss launched “Romantimatic’ app for lovers, who doesn’t get sufficient time to say ‘I love You’ to their partner. In this app, the users have so many romantic messages to impress their partner. You can set a reminder for this to warn you when it’s time to apply for dear ones. It is also possible to automatically send messages to certain pre-set intervals, but we can describe in your own words what you want. It seems strange but very useful application for many relationships.

The application is simple: just download the free app for iOS or Android phone. Hope, you will try both of valentine applications on your devices and will share your experience with us. If you find the apps trendy, then let us know below in comment division.

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