Apple iPhone 8 Release Date, Specs, Price, News and Rumors

The first iPhone was launched in the year 2007. The launch of iPhone changed the geography of the mobile phone industry and 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of iPhone. iPhone 8 will be launched as iPhone Edition or iPhone X, as this is going to be the first phone of Apple to support wireless charging.

Release Date :

Apple iPhone 8 is expected to be launched on 12th September this year, and the most important feature of this phone will be the wireless charging. Not only this, Apple is raising the bar very high this time as the charging pads that will be used for iPhone have to be approved by Apple, only then they can be used with the device. This feature will soon put the hospitality industry in a dilemma as to whether they should provide their customer with Apple approved charging pads or they should go by their standards. According to some reports, iPhone 8 will not be available for the customers till fourth quarter because of its limited edition.

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iPhone 8 is expected to cost somewhere around $1,000, this is going to be even more expensive than the one that was released last year, and the configurations of the handset being offered by Apple will be 128GB and 256GB only.


This year, Apple will launch three handsets of different sizes. iPhone 8 will be a 5.8 inch model, iPhone 7s plus will be a 5.5 inch model and iPhone 7s will be a 4.7 inch model.


iPhone 8 will have a OLED display, and according to reports, this is one of the reasons of its high pricing. OLED display is supposed to cost twice as compared to LCD display that we have seen in our current smartphones. Reports also suggest that Apple had signed a deal with Samsung and they will be supplying Apple with OLED displays for the next two years. iPhone will also see drastic change in its memory, hence that will increase its manufacturing price.

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This time, Apple has tried to stay away from Aluminum casing and it has used a glass enclosure, making it look more elegant. Last time glass casing was used by Apple in 4 and 4s, but that was not successful as those phones had to face some durability issue and the customers also complained a lot.

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There is not much change expected in the camera of iPhone 8, it is going to be similar to that of iPhone7. As Apple is using its dual- lens technology since 2016, we are not expecting any major change in camera this year. This 3D system that will be used in camera will help in facial and iris recognition, this means that users can easily unlock their phone by looking at it. Not only this, it could be further integrated with augmented reality mobile games. In case of iPhone 7s, there will not be dual-lens camera. iPhone 8 will also have A11 chip and it will run on iOS 11. iPhone 8 is expected to be launched in three colors- white, jet black and champagne gold.


If we go by the rumors, it is expected that iPhone 8 will be launched along with iPhone 7S and 7S plus, less- advanced version of iPhone 8. Another rumor is that Apple will get rid of the home button; instead there will be a touch- sensitive button. This was also rumored for iPhone 7, but we did not see any major change that time, and this change is expected to be part of this launch. The biggest challenge that is expected to be faced by the makers here is that it is difficult to integrate the touch sensor with the display.

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Some Quick Info About Apple iPhone 8 2017

  1. Apple iphone 8 Release Date 2017 : 12th September 2017
  2. Apple iPhone 8 Price (Expected)  : 1000US$
  3. Apple iPhone 8 Plus Release Date : 12th September 2017

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