iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch not Charging : Get the Best Solution Here

You get irritated when your iPhone/iPad doesn’t charge, but you are not alone in the world facing such an issues. Here, we are getting similar queries frequently on our mail ID. It’s happening with both iPhone and iPad, but iPad is on top in the list as our readers reported currently. Sometimes, it may be hardware related issues (damaged cord etc.) but not all time.

Here below, we are going to discuss some situations along with solutions.

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Note : First Ensure using Apple-certified Accessories

Before applying following steps, we would like you to verify your accessories and power source. If you have not used Apple certified cable and accessories, it commonly causes ‘not charging’. However, you must check it through different cable or accessories also. Although the problem remains unsolved, you should look forward towards to below steps.

1.Perform a hard reset

If your iPad is not recognizing the charger or your screen appears dead and showing black screen, then you should apply immediately hard reset. To perform this, you just required holding the home button and power button together until an Apple logo appears.

Once the iPad reboots, plug the charger into it again and check the status. If it’s charging, that’s good. If not then follow our next step.

2. Try a different wall socket or USB port

We use always same wall socket or USB port for charging our iPhones and iPads, but never think that it also might be the reason for not charging, so we would like to suggest to use different socket or USB port once. If the problem is not resolved, apply next step.

3. Clean the Charging Jack

Now you should inspect the connector on the bottom of the device, just clean it using USB vacuum cleaner or toothpick, but it should be gently. When you complete cleaning, just plug the cable again. Sometimes the issue may occur because of dust so must try this necessary step.

4. Restore the device through iTunes

If you have applied above steps, have changed the cable, socket as well performed hard reset, now it’s time to restore the iPad. Just take the backup of your data to iCloud or iTunes before restoring the device. If you don’t know that how to restore the iPad and iPhone, you can follow our guide or consult with Apple service center. If this one also doesn’t work, there is one and only solution, that is depicted below.

5. Visit an Apple Store or call 1-800-MY-APPLE

If you have tried all above described steps but still facing same issues with your iPhone and iPad, then you should make a call to 1-800-My-Apple or visit an Apple store, because the problem may be in your battery or charging connector. If it’s under warranty then Apple will replace it free of cost or for a fee, depends on the issue. But don’t try to unbolt your device because it’s totally against the terms and condition.


Conclusion :

Above guide is truly working, and helping many of users as we are getting positive reviews for this. You just need to follow step by step procedure. If you think this post informative and very useful, then don’t close it without sharing on Facebook and other social media accounts.

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