Instagram Launches One- Touch Photo and Video Messaging App Bolt outside the US

Instagram has moved a way ahead of Snapchat by launching its latest one- touch photo and video messaging app Bolt. However, the official launch of the bolt application is not yet made official in the US. New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa are the only countries who will be able to use the bolt application. This app can be accessed by the Android as well as iOS users.

Instagram introduced this app with an objective to enable its users to have a video communication with their family and friends. Instagram’s latest Bolt app that enables one touch photo and video messaging technology is accessible in these three countries only because each one of them holds the highest percentage of Instagram users.

The users will not be able to make use of the download links of the Bolt app if they are not in the above three countries. Instagram states that the main reason behind picking up these three countries is the maximum Instagram usage, high access of Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich, speak English and have intensely interrelated communities. Instagram is testing the response for its new video messaging app Bolt in its home market before going on a bigger venture i.e. launching it all over the world inclusive of the US.

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How does Bolt Works?

You have to sign up for Bolt by entering your cell phone number. You do not require any Facebook or Instagram account. It displays your phone’s contact list and then you can choose and add people to your favorites list. After that you can access the camera of this Bolt application. The faces of your friends in your favorite list are displayed in a row that you can easily scroll across the bottom of your phone’s screen rather than a standard shutter button. Taping on your friends face’s icon sends them the picture in a single touch instantly which is believed to be Bolt’s value scheme. Tap and hold on the phone’s screen to send videos to your family and friends.

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With the Bolt application you can share photos and videos with only one person at a point of time and then you have to shoot it all over again to send it to another person. There is no option for uploading photos and videos from your camera gallery. Few buttons available at the top of the screen enables you to turn on the flash light, turn on the selfie mode and a lot more.

If you receive Bolt from any of your friends, you will receive a notification on the app’s top center. After viewing the Bolt, you have to swipe it away in order to delete as the photos and videos received are temporary. The ‘shake to unsend’ is another interesting feature which is similar to the ‘undo’ option in Gmail. Within the first few seconds of sending a bolt you can draw back the bolt by simply shaking your phone. This shaking will also display an option that will enable the user to save the bolt to their camera gallery.

The users are also given the option to block people who are bothering them. Anyone having your number in their contact list will be able to bolt you. However, users are given some privacy option that will enable them to select the out of search by phone number option i.e. unwanted people having access to their numbers cannot search them by their contact numbers. Similar to other apps like Slingshot and Snapchat, the bolt is automatically destroyed after a period of 30 days from the Instagram’s server. In comparison to other similar apps, this app offers higher speed for photo and video sharing.

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